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DIY-Icy Blue Velvet Hair Flower

Laurie Cinotto of La La Laurie designed this beautiful hair piece. She was great enough to provide a step by step guide for all of us!

Here are the steps from the wonderful The Bride’s Cafe.

Feather-Light Hair Flowers

These beautiful little blooms are easy to make, and comfortable to wear.   You can customize them to work with any color palette.

Materials (and where Laurie found them)

8 – six inch squares of tulle  (JoAnn Fabric and Craft)
9 inches of velvet ribbon (3/4 inch wide)  (Midori)
A few feathers (JoAnn)
3 velvet leaves (Tinsel Trading Co)
A spool of thread
A long, sharp needle
A small hair comb  (JoAnn)

First, the Flower…

 1.  Take one of your tulle squares, fold it in half, then into quarters. (see figure 1)

2.  Fold in half again to make a triangle, and then fold in half again.   (It’s just like your folding a snowflake).

3.  Cut a rounded “V” in the non-pointy end of the triangle.  (see figure 2)

4. When you unfold your tulle, you’ll have a daisy shape.   (see figure 3)

5. Repeat the above steps, and cut out 7 more daisies. They can vary in size and petal shape.

6.  When all the daisies are cut, layer them together.  (see figure 4)

7.  Thread your needle and knot the end of the thread.   Put a couple of stitches through the center of the stack to keep them together and tie off.

8.  Pick up the stack, pinch the center between your thumb and index finger.  Fluff the petals upward.   (see figure 5)

9.  Run your needle and thread through the pinched point of the flower, about a quarter inch from the very bottom.  Go back and forth and around several times to secure all the layers, and tighten your bloom.    (see step 6)

Putting it all together…

10.   Take a few feathers  and strip off the lower fluff, leaving a small tuft at the top.   Trim into a neat point, using your scissors.  Set aside.   (see figure 7)

11.  Fold your ribbon into a loop, with the ends overlapping  in the middle.    Make a couple of small stitches through all the layers to secure.    (see figure 8 )

12.  Run your thread around the center a few times and cinch the ribbon so it looks like a bow.  Run your needle and thread through the center and back and knot off.

13.  Take your velvet leaves, trim off the wire ends, and stitch them down in the center of the bow.     (see figure 10)

14. Trim the feather  tails, then stitch the feathers down too.   (see figure 10)

15.  Place your bloom in the center of the leaves and feathers.   Stitch it down using several small stitches. . Go through all the ribbon layers to make sure it’s attached securely.    (see figure 11

16.  Center your comb on the back side of the bow and stitch into place.  ( see figure 12)

via The Bride’s Cafe

I love how Marie Antoinette this feels.  Will someone please make me one?

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Do You Need Rings To Make It Legal?

I’m back! We are settling beautifully into our new home.  I am loving suburban life.  I feel much more at home and settled.

Now that moving and unpacking is behind us, it’s now time to think about our first wedding celebration.  It is only (3) weeks away!

First up is the wedding rings.  Originally I was against the exchanging of rings portion of the ceremony because I didn’t want to take away from the official wedding.  Boy did Etsy change my mind! They have the best alternative rings.  What a great way to have a memento of the big day.

Here are my favorites!

This first one was incredibly sweet.  I had been eying this for quite a while.  I love the unique look of this band.  It is simple yet very sweet.

via White Fly on Etsy

I typically am not a “birdie” fan but find this ring really cool.  I don’t know if this one says wedding in any way, but it’s still great.

via Ottobone on Etsy

This ring may be my favorite.  It is incredibly thin yet has that rustic look that I love.  It’s so delicate that I think I could get away with wearing it next to my engagement ring and real wedding band.

via Ottobone on Etsy

The next two rings are very similar to the above ring yet just a little larger.  It makes more a statement but I would probably have to wear it on the other hand.

via Shi Jewelry on Etsy

via Punk Bunny Designs on Etsy

Lastly is this beautiful ring necklace.  Maybe I should forgo the whole traditional band since it’s not a traditional wedding and wear the ring as a necklace.

via My Cellar Door on Etsy

I had no idea I would be spending so much time thinking about this!

For those having a civil ceremony previous to the traditional wedding, are you exchanging rings? If you are, are you worried that it will take away from the “real” ceremony?

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Wrap Around My Shoulders

Since our civil wedding is coming up in about a month, I really need to get on the ball and make sure I have all of my ducks in a row! I’m sure it is going to be quite cold and thinking of getting a cute little wrap to go over my dress.  Just like this one!

via Weddingbee

I really like the look of these; a little more appropriate for my dress.

via Modern Romance

Via Cee Dada Koo

via 2 Swans’ Nest

via Reflectionsbyds

Has anyone else found any cute wraps or cardigans for wedding dresses? I’d love to look at more!

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LilaFrances Sweet Hangers

Before wedding blogs, I never even considered the need for a beautiful hanger for my wedding dress.  Boy have I changed my mind.

Anna of LilaFrances does a brilliant job of customizing hangers in the most special way.  Once I saw Miss Star’s hanger on Weddingbee, I was sold!  I think it would be so sweet to have “Abby & Ger” as my wedding dress hanger.


via Wedding Bee {source}

I think this will be a purchase that I make very soon!

Be sure to check out Anna’s etsy shop, here.

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Candid Thursday- Pink Tights!



via Green Wedding Shoes {source} via Angela Anderson Photography {source}

I LOVE tights but I’ve never thought of wearing them with my wedding dress.  I love how funky the bride looks!

If you are looking to change up a more traditional wedding dress, why not think of some cool accessories. It is a simple change and won’t cost you a fortune!

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Candid Thursday- Kickin’ Veil


bride-2 bouquet

flowers camera

katie-1_0 girls_0


via Style Me Pretty {source} via Goode Green Photography {source}

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If I Had a Ring Bearer, I’d Get One of These.









found via Little White Book {source} via Blue Hair Knits on Etsy {source}

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It’s Official, I’m a Two Dress Bride…

….and I love every minute of it!

****Ger Stop Reading****

I know what you are thinking, “I thought Abby decided that she was going to wear her original dress?”  Well, that was true until I changed my mind (AGAIN.)

Remember when I went to try on dresses at Vera Wang the first time? There was one dress in particular that I absolutely loved however it was too small and way way way over my budget.  Then after my meltdown I went to try on this dress just one more time but it was already gone.

Stephanie, one of my Brides (turned great friend) that just got married (Yay!!) suggested that I check out Vows.  Vows has a wonderful on-line gallery that you can check out what they have in stock.  The best part is is that they carry all of the high end designers at a discount of 50-75% off!! What I loved most about Vows is that if you go in on Saturdays you don’t need an appointment and you can go around searching through all of the dresses without being followed by bridal consultants. I love the stress free environment!

Anyway, back on track.  I tried on a few dresses but nothing that made me say wow.  The last dress I tried on was my Vera!! I had finally found her!!

P.S. Check out that veil! It has a 60’s vibe that I totally adore. (Yes, I could not resist and bought it too!)





photo 3

photo 2


Here I am with Stephanie and Jenna!! Remember them from The Wedding Inspirations Event!?

Can you tell that I am completely obsessed with my wedding dress? It is so comfortable, so chic and so me.

Lesson learned: It’s best to get a dress that you feel fabulous in and that makes you shine.

So, what do you guys think! Did I make the right choice?


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Favor Jewelry Sale!!

Monika Reed of Favor Jewelry wanted me to let everyone know that she is currently running a sale on Etsy!

You have until August 26th to get 15% off her beautiful pieces. Hurry over and help Monika celebrate Favor Jewelry’s 2nd Anniversary!




via Favor Jewelry {source}

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Candid Thursday- It’s Hip To Be Square





via OnceWed {source} via John Rozier Photography

This week’s feature is all about unblemished style.  I love Lauren’s great accessories and Dan’s straight-edge look!

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