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I Want To Have A Tea Party…

…at Crown & Crumpet and I don’t even drink tea!!

What an awesomely cool place.  The girls over at Ruby Press recently had their holiday party at Crown and Crumpet and it turned our fabulously! Just take a look at the pictures below.  I love it!

via Crown & Crumpet

via Ruby Press

I only wish that I knew about this place while I lived in San Francisco!



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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope these vintage photos of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade put a smile on your face.  For those watching the parade, be sure to stay warm today!

Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Birthday to my Brother, Andrew!!

via design:related

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Life is What Happens When You are Busy Making (Wedding) Plans

You won’t believe all of the changes taking place in the Brennan/Power Household within the next month!

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via In This Instance {source}

In the next two weeks we will be moving to the suburbs of Boston and finally living in a house with a little yard for Bradley.  I cannot wait! It’s happened a little sooner than expected but we are very excited about the move.

We’ve begun searching for a washer and dryer to buy for the house (I was shocked to see how expensive they were) as well as a car for us to get around in.  Not to mention settling in a new town, finding movers, gearing up for the Christmas season and finding out how to get back to Pennsylvania for the holidays with Brad!

The big secret however is that while we are back in my hometown, we will be getting legally married!  I wanted to keep it a secret and share with you after the big day but who was I kidding.  I can’t keep secrets!  Although the “real” wedding ceremony and reception is still in Ireland in August, this will also be very special to us as well.

To make the visa process as easy as possible, we learned that getting civilly married before traveling over to Ireland would be most ideal.  Originally we had thought of doing it after Ger graduated from Grad School however, we soon found out that it could take up to 5 months to process all of the papers.  This is when I had the bright idea of getting married over Christmas and to share the experience with all of my family that aren’t able to make it over to Ireland! Remember my dilemma? Problem solved, right?  I love that we are able to incorporate both of our families into this great celebration and I am even able to wear my first wedding dress!

I’ve always been the type that whenever I wanted to get a new hair style or a hair cut, I needed to do it right away.  It would drive me crazy to wait for days until my appointment and by then, I usually changed my mind anyway.  I admit, I can be quite impulsive at times.  I get so tired of planning and researching EVERYTHING.  Sometimes you just need to go for it, right?

Has anyone else been impulsive when it comes to life and wedding planning?

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Get Married Magazine Coming Soon!

Get Married Magazine_Mock Cover

You will now be able to find Get Married not only on TV and on-line but now in print!  Get Married is debuting its first Wedding Magazine this October. The first issue will be focusing on “new shopping & trend guide for the savvy bride.”  It is a fresh perspective to wedding planning.

Be sure to check out the Get Married Blogger Bride Website!  Real Brides will be blogging about their experience while planning their wedding.  We are happy to add them to our Blog Roll.

If you want to hear more about Get Married Magazine, be sure to check out their press release!

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The Only Time I Wish I Were On The “B” List.

Everyone has been posting their fun photos from The “B” List Event and it makes me feel so left out! They even have their own blog now!

The “B” List is composed of some of the very top Wedding Bloggers and was started by Vané Broussard from Brooklyn Bride and Anne Chertoff of From “I Will” to “I Do”.

Among doing a little q&a discussion, they were even able to enjoy samplings from local New York Wedding Vendors. Take a look at some of the highlights!


via  Ritzy Bee Blog via {Jenny Ebert Photography}


via  Ritzy Bee Blog via {Jenny Ebert Photography}


via  Ritzy Bee Blog via {Jenny Ebert Photography}


via  Ritzy Bee Blog via {Jenny Ebert Photography}

Events like these are like mini thresholds for me in my wedding blogging.  I feel that if I could just get to that level, I will be where I want to be.  People will know my name, want to meet me and want to follow me for the latest and greatest.  I know this is not true and I didn’t start this blog to become successful or well known but you can’t help but think these thoughts. I started Peaches by Plums for me and didn’t expect to have any visitors.  Hopefully one day, I can transform this blog to something special so I can one day be on The “B” List.

For those who have just started blogging, have you ever felt “left out” of the cool kids club?

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Happy Birthday, Dad!

As you know, yesterday was my Grandparent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary…well today is my Dad’s 50th Birthday!!

What a weekend of celebrations!


via Classic Bride  {source}

Here is a little tribute to my dad.


Here is a slightly blurry photo of Me & My Dad at the Park.


Dad & My Little Brother, Andrew.


Ger, Me & Dad at Napa Valley.


Mom & Dad at The Palace of the Fine Arts.

He is such a great dad.  He has always been very supportive of me and my dreams and I truly appreciate it.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

{enjoy some Hermitage Bakery cake for me!}


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Allegro Photography Gallery Opening- Invitation!

Today is the day! Allegro Photography is hosting their Studio Opening tonight!

Here is the invitation


If you are a Boston Bride, I highly suggest you stop by to see their work.

I will be posting the photos of the flower arrangements later on tonight!

Hope to see you there!

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