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Wrap Around My Shoulders

Since our civil wedding is coming up in about a month, I really need to get on the ball and make sure I have all of my ducks in a row! I’m sure it is going to be quite cold and thinking of getting a cute little wrap to go over my dress.  Just like this one!

via Weddingbee

I really like the look of these; a little more appropriate for my dress.

via Modern Romance

Via Cee Dada Koo

via 2 Swans’ Nest

via Reflectionsbyds

Has anyone else found any cute wraps or cardigans for wedding dresses? I’d love to look at more!

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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Wedding Veils

Through my last couple weeks of posting about my dress, a lot of people suggested that I may feel more “bride-like” with a really great veil.  I think that is exactly what I need.

My dress is more sleek and modern so a mantilla veil or anything traditional may be a bit too much.

For the past while, I kept thinking of those incredibly edgy veils that are really high fashion.

You know, like these ones:




via Sara Gabriel {source}

Although these beautiful veils would be a bit too much for my dress, I think it’s a good starting point.

What I’m thinking of is more of a short, spunky, bubble veil.


via Weddingbee {source}

These Romona Keveza veils are so awesome! I just love them.  They have a playfulness about them but still “bridal-like.” It is the perfect combination for what I am going for.

What I’m picturing in my head is something very similar to the ones shown above but is a bit shorter (above my shoulders), is much fuller and more 80’s (Did I just say 80’s?!?)

Does anyone have any great Bridal veil websites or blogs that I could use to find more inspiration and has anyone had any experience with getting custom veils made?

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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Wedding Dress- The Result

Remember last week and my meltdown with my wedding dress? I was having second thoughts about my wedding dress and wasn’t sure if it was the right one.

Through the advice of the fabulous girls over at Elizabeth Anne Designs, I got an overwhelming response of suggestions of what to do! Thank you so much!

The day after I posted my dress dilemma, I made an another appointment at Vera Wang.  I thought that my experience this time would be different since I wasn’t going during a sample sale.  I was the only one in the bridal salon and knew exactly what I was looking for.

Vera Wang only had one of the two dresses that I could try on.


via Brides.com {source}

This is a dress from the Spring 2006 line.  They had the same dress that I tried on at the sample sale.  Apparently this dress is discontinued so there would be no way of buying one that fit properly (unless I found it on other pre-owned websites.)  To be honest, much like the Priscilla of Boston dress, it was wearing me.

I tried on a few more dresses that were nice.  I found one much like the one I was originally searching for but the skirt was so full that I don’t know how I was going to walk in it.

I contemplated the thought of buying it but I didn’t want to get in the same predicament that I was already in so I asked if I could take a picture of me in the dress.  I needed time to mull over it and being the visual person that I was, I needed a picture to remember what I looked like in the dress.  To my surprise,  I was not allowed to take a picture.  Apparently, you can only take a picture only if you decide to buy the dress.  Are you kidding me? How do you expect people to buy dresses if you don’t allow them to take pictures?  I was a bit taken aback and turned off to be completely honest.  I then asked if I could have the style number or name of the dress and was denied that as well.  The wedding consultant basically said that this number wouldn’t do me any good.

I can  understand that they don’t want brides going else where to find their dresses but I would be more inclined to buy from them if they let do the things I needed to do to feel comfortable with my purchase.

So that was my second experience with Vera Wang and I’m pretty sure I’ll never be back.

I know this post turned into more of a rant then anything but I have now developed a plan of attack with my wedding dress.

For now, I’m going to stick with my current wedding dress.  I have plenty of time to change my mind and will continue to look but at least I know that I have a dress that is beautiful and that looks beautiful on me.

I have learned that a wedding dress is not a piece of taffeta or silk, it’s not the buttons the line that back of the dress or the train that follows you, it’s the way it makes you feel.  You make it a wedding dress, it doesn’t make you.


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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Do I like making decisions? No.  Are there are a lot of decisions to be made when planning a wedding? Yes.

This creates quite a conundrum, doesn’t it?

First there’s the location, the venue and ceremony site, the guest list, the dress, the shoes, the entertainment, transportation and on and on and on.

Luckily for us, we got engaged with plenty of time to think about things involved in wedding planning.  The first few months we took it slow and enjoyed being engaged.  All of a sudden, time has creep up on us and we really need to set the wheels in motion.

Like many people, I’ve thought about my wedding day and how I want it to look and how I want it to feel for a very very long time. Kick in my love of creativity and design, it really makes the process extra hard.

So what am I going to do?  Since it is Memorial Day, I’m taking the weekend off.  I’m going to clear my head, not think about my wedding and spend the day in the sun!  I’ll come back with an open mind, clear focus and ready to take on the task at hand.

I do have one decision to share with you today.  My Wedding Dress Accessory I wrote about last week, here!

Thank you everyone who contributed in helping me decide!  And without further ado…


Here is it {probably}! …until 1.) I buy the wrap or 2.) find something else to mull over

oi vay

Do you find yourself not being able to pull the so called wedding trigger?

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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Help Me Decide! Wedding Gown Accessories

Last week I revealed my wedding dress, now I need your input into which accessories I should add to jazz up the dress!

(Please note that these photos were photo-shopped and I haven’t tried the wrap or sash on in person yet)

Picture 8

Here is a possible ensemble.  I like how it has a kind of Asian flare with the use of a paper parasol for the photos.  What do you think, is it too much?

As mentioned in a previous post, I found this amazing Wrap here (Bonzie is great!!) and found the great feather hair piece also on Etsy, here.

Right now I’m debating on the color Wrap I want and what looks best with my skin tone.  Please help! Here are the options!

Picture 1


Picture 11

(deep teal)

Picture 10


Picture 12


Picture 2


I believe the Wrap from Bonzie only comes in teal, green and red but I wanted to get your opinion on a variety of colors.

Please vote now!

The next question is…should I wear a sash with the dress (color would match the wrap) or just keep it simple?

Picture 9

(with sash)

or again…

Picture 10

(without sash)

Please vote here:

After the poll results are in, I will be sure to share with you my favorite option!


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Elizabeth Anne Designs- Meet Bradley!

Today is the day that you get to meet the latest member of our family…Bradley!

He just arrived yesterday and is already part of the family.  Be sure to go over to Elizabeth Anne Designs to hear more about this little guy and how he relates to the wonderful world of wedding planning!





He is just the most lovable little pup! 

Happy Monday!


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Elizabeth Anne Designs: Drawing Inspiration

Today’s feature on Elizabeth Anne Designs, I talk about drawing inspiration! 

After all of the engagement celebrations are over, it’s time to start planning!  But how does one start? 

Planning used to consist with bridal magazines and/or a lot of leg work in visting vendors but now, the wedding industry has really expanded and made it accessible for a bride to find anything!

With the creation of wedding blogs, photography blogs, and the internet, the task of deciding on your wedding colors or your event’s theme goes from frustrating to fun!  


{Karen Wise via Snippet & Ink}

What unique places do you find inspiration?

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Elizabeth Anne Designs- My Wedding “Do’s & Don’ts”

It’s Monday and we all know what that means!

Today over at Elizabeth Anne Designs, I am talking about my Wedding “Do’s and Don’ts.” 

Here’s a sneak peek!


via Lovely Morning  {source}

What are your Wedding “Do’s & Don’ts”?

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Elizabeth Anne Designs: Check out the Latest Weekly Columnist…

Go ahead…I’ll wait.

Yes, it’s me!!

I was selected to write for Elizabeth Anne Designs every Monday.  I will be taking you through the planning of my wedding in a little different way then how I do it here.  As you know, I love Elizabeth Anne Designs and it is one of my top wedding blogs I go to for wedding inspiration.  To be apart of that, is huge for me.

Today’s post was on how me and my fiance met.  Next week I will be talking about our engagement!

Pay Ami & Rebeka a visit and say hello!



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Big News Coming Soon!

There is some big news coming soon…

{here’s a clue!}

via Elizabeth Anne Designs

via Elizabeth Anne Designs

…stay tuned!!

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