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Wrap Around My Shoulders

Since our civil wedding is coming up in about a month, I really need to get on the ball and make sure I have all of my ducks in a row! I’m sure it is going to be quite cold and thinking of getting a cute little wrap to go over my dress.  Just like this one!

via Weddingbee

I really like the look of these; a little more appropriate for my dress.

via Modern Romance

Via Cee Dada Koo

via 2 Swans’ Nest

via Reflectionsbyds

Has anyone else found any cute wraps or cardigans for wedding dresses? I’d love to look at more!


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LilaFrances Sweet Hangers

Before wedding blogs, I never even considered the need for a beautiful hanger for my wedding dress.  Boy have I changed my mind.

Anna of LilaFrances does a brilliant job of customizing hangers in the most special way.  Once I saw Miss Star’s hanger on Weddingbee, I was sold!  I think it would be so sweet to have “Abby & Ger” as my wedding dress hanger.


via Wedding Bee {source}

I think this will be a purchase that I make very soon!

Be sure to check out Anna’s etsy shop, here.

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Candid Thursday- It’s Hip To Be Square





via OnceWed {source} via John Rozier Photography

This week’s feature is all about unblemished style.  I love Lauren’s great accessories and Dan’s straight-edge look!

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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Not Your Typical Wedding Jewelry

Now that I’ve figured out the style of veil I want, I think what I need is one amazing necklace to finish the whole look!

I have scouted blogs, Etsy and shops for inspiration.

Here is what I have found so far that has caught my eye.


via Olivet {source}


via Weddingbee {source}


via The Bridal Wishlist {source}


via The Bridal Wishlist {source}

I love the chunky feel and the bold colors of all these necklaces.  They really make a statement.

Has anyone seen a great necklace that might look good with my wedding dress?

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Dressing up you tables with socks?

No, I’m not talking about your place settings or color of linen.  I’m talking about dressing up your table legs!

I spotted these personality socks over at Apartment Therapy and couldn’t help but think that this could be something really cool for a wedding.  Why hasn’t anyone thought of these before? Imagine a beautiful rustic table with simple white linen dressed in a funky colored socks.  I love it!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

via Apartment Therapy via Chris & Ruby {source}

Chris & Ruby is the company that created this unique idea.  They are a Berlin based Product and Interior Design company that was founded in 2008.  Their inspiration is driven by a “versatile and flexible approach to design issues.” These socks can be used to glam up a simple table or even cover up any marks!

Would you consider using these for your wedding or party?


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Etsy Accessories

I love how dainty and delicate Monika Garner’s jewelry is.  Be sure to check out Favor on Etsy for more!







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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Help Me Decide! Wedding Gown Accessories

Last week I revealed my wedding dress, now I need your input into which accessories I should add to jazz up the dress!

(Please note that these photos were photo-shopped and I haven’t tried the wrap or sash on in person yet)

Picture 8

Here is a possible ensemble.  I like how it has a kind of Asian flare with the use of a paper parasol for the photos.  What do you think, is it too much?

As mentioned in a previous post, I found this amazing Wrap here (Bonzie is great!!) and found the great feather hair piece also on Etsy, here.

Right now I’m debating on the color Wrap I want and what looks best with my skin tone.  Please help! Here are the options!

Picture 1


Picture 11

(deep teal)

Picture 10


Picture 12


Picture 2


I believe the Wrap from Bonzie only comes in teal, green and red but I wanted to get your opinion on a variety of colors.

Please vote now!

The next question is…should I wear a sash with the dress (color would match the wrap) or just keep it simple?

Picture 9

(with sash)

or again…

Picture 10

(without sash)

Please vote here:

After the poll results are in, I will be sure to share with you my favorite option!


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