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Tablescape Friday: Twisted Twine

Rustic and Warm all at the same time.

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Real Wedding: Felt Flowers & Stacks of Books

Maybe the secret to the perfect wedding is felt flowers and stacks of books? Anyone else agree that this wedding is incredible?

via Brooklyn Bride

Amber & Joe, you rock!! Congratulations!


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The Coolest Birthday Card

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(DIY) “Sprinkle Dusted” Garland

The purl bee did an awesome job in creating this colorful garland.  It reminds me of all the good things about growing up; sprinkles, bright colors, playfulness and innocence! Be sure to check out their website for a full tutorial on how to recreate this!

via the purl bee


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Our Wedding: The Reception Decor

images from personal collection

To see more of our photos from our reception click here!

This week is all about our reception decor!

The best part about getting married around the holidays is the instantaneous decor. Everything is just so beautiful with the beautiful twinkly lights, fresh pine and glowing bulbs.

Since we were busy moving and preparing all the details for our wedding in Ireland, my mom really took charge in putting everything together for us.  She did such a wonderful job!

I was against favors of any kind so instead, we printed off our engagement photos for guests to take.  This went over really well and everyone loved the idea.

The place cards were just so cool.  They were made out of different types of scrapbooking paper [completely inexpensive yet a big impact!]  We were able to coordinate designs with menu options so the servers would know which entree to serve.

I loved the collection of our old family photos. This was a great conversation piece and meant a lot to us.  We included both of our families. It’s sweet to think that one day we’ll be part of that collection.

Our centerpieces consisted of gold chargers, pillar candles and gold and cream Christmas bulbs and fresh pine.  They were so easy to put together.  I am a huge advocate of candles at weddings.  The best part however was the fresh pine that my dad hand cut the morning of our wedding.

Lastly, my beloved cake! I’m a cake girl, that’s for sure.  More importantly, I’m a “Hermitage Bakery” girl.  Hermitage Bakery is a local bakery with the absolute best cake.  I was a little sad at first when I thought I wouldn’t be able to have Hermitage Bakery cake at my wedding but when we decided to have a reception in Pennsylvania, they were first on our list to call. We used the cake topper that both my mom and grandmother used at their wedding.

When you step back and look at everything, you see that it’s just “stuff.”  But when you really look at it, you see the family connections (my dad picking the pine, my grandmother offering her cake topper, my mom making the place cards…) Those are the moments that “stuff” turns into special somethings.  It gives it meaning.

Next week, more about cake and our family!

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DIY-Icy Blue Velvet Hair Flower

Laurie Cinotto of La La Laurie designed this beautiful hair piece. She was great enough to provide a step by step guide for all of us!

Here are the steps from the wonderful The Bride’s Cafe.

Feather-Light Hair Flowers

These beautiful little blooms are easy to make, and comfortable to wear.   You can customize them to work with any color palette.

Materials (and where Laurie found them)

8 – six inch squares of tulle  (JoAnn Fabric and Craft)
9 inches of velvet ribbon (3/4 inch wide)  (Midori)
A few feathers (JoAnn)
3 velvet leaves (Tinsel Trading Co)
A spool of thread
A long, sharp needle
A small hair comb  (JoAnn)

First, the Flower…

 1.  Take one of your tulle squares, fold it in half, then into quarters. (see figure 1)

2.  Fold in half again to make a triangle, and then fold in half again.   (It’s just like your folding a snowflake).

3.  Cut a rounded “V” in the non-pointy end of the triangle.  (see figure 2)

4. When you unfold your tulle, you’ll have a daisy shape.   (see figure 3)

5. Repeat the above steps, and cut out 7 more daisies. They can vary in size and petal shape.

6.  When all the daisies are cut, layer them together.  (see figure 4)

7.  Thread your needle and knot the end of the thread.   Put a couple of stitches through the center of the stack to keep them together and tie off.

8.  Pick up the stack, pinch the center between your thumb and index finger.  Fluff the petals upward.   (see figure 5)

9.  Run your needle and thread through the pinched point of the flower, about a quarter inch from the very bottom.  Go back and forth and around several times to secure all the layers, and tighten your bloom.    (see step 6)

Putting it all together…

10.   Take a few feathers  and strip off the lower fluff, leaving a small tuft at the top.   Trim into a neat point, using your scissors.  Set aside.   (see figure 7)

11.  Fold your ribbon into a loop, with the ends overlapping  in the middle.    Make a couple of small stitches through all the layers to secure.    (see figure 8 )

12.  Run your thread around the center a few times and cinch the ribbon so it looks like a bow.  Run your needle and thread through the center and back and knot off.

13.  Take your velvet leaves, trim off the wire ends, and stitch them down in the center of the bow.     (see figure 10)

14. Trim the feather  tails, then stitch the feathers down too.   (see figure 10)

15.  Place your bloom in the center of the leaves and feathers.   Stitch it down using several small stitches. . Go through all the ribbon layers to make sure it’s attached securely.    (see figure 11

16.  Center your comb on the back side of the bow and stitch into place.  ( see figure 12)

via The Bride’s Cafe

I love how Marie Antoinette this feels.  Will someone please make me one?

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Happy Planning For Those Just Beginning!

I’ve been a busy bee at work with all of the newly engaged brides! I get so inspired just by hearing what other brides are inspired by. It really gets me excited!

So, to the brides & grooms that are just beginning, may you have the best of time and find inspiration in the unexpected places.

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Beautiful Packaging- DIY Sweater Wraps

It’s the time for last minute gift wrapping!

For those looking for a simple DIY project to help with your pretty packaging, you’ve come to the right place.  Grey Likes Weddings did a fantastic tutorial on reusing sweaters to create beautiful wraps for your bottles.

via Grey Likes Weddings


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How Do You Take Care of the Kids?

For those inviting kids to the wedding, are you doing anything special to keep them occupied?

I love the idea of using Kraft Paper as the tablecloth and supplying crayons for the kids to color with.  It has a real Tomie dePaola feel (anyone remember those books??)  I think that’s why I love it so much.  It reminds me of the days of art class and playing with paints and colored pencils.

I would even consider this for a fun dinner party!

via Country Living


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Free Printable Save The Date! International Style

If I would’ve seen this before I sent my save the dates out, they would’ve definitely been a top contender! I just love the look and style of these cards.

via Ruffled

For the printable template be sure to visit Ruffled!!

P.S. Do you love the air post stamp? Can you believe it’s actually a downloadable dingbat on

They have so many to choose from! Here is just a select few.



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