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Do You Obsess Over Your Venue, Too?

stalk, obsess, politely observe….it’s all the same thing, right?

Our venue, The Cliff House Hotel has impressed me once again.  We’ve just heard that The Cliff House has been awarded one Michelin Star!  What an amazing accomplishment!

The executive chef, Martijn Kajuiter, is known for his sourcing of local food.  The Cliff House also has its own garden where they harvest most of their produce.

It’s about creating an experience for your guests and I definitely want to tie this into the night. I am so excited to be working with Chef Kajuiter on designing my menu.  A menu that is sustainable, local and most importantly, amazing.

I’m even more excited and more proud to get married at The Cliff House Hotel! Has anyone “politely observed” their venue and got excited when good things have happened? P.S (Yes, I do follow them on twitter…yikes!)

Congratulations to Chef Kajuiter and The Cliff House Hotel to a much deserved award!



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I Want To Have A Tea Party…

…at Crown & Crumpet and I don’t even drink tea!!

What an awesomely cool place.  The girls over at Ruby Press recently had their holiday party at Crown and Crumpet and it turned our fabulously! Just take a look at the pictures below.  I love it!

via Crown & Crumpet

via Ruby Press

I only wish that I knew about this place while I lived in San Francisco!


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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Contract Signing Tips!

The time has finally come to sign the contract to secure our wedding venue!

I can understand how stressful this can be to brides.  It is not only a big financial commitment but usually one of your first wedding related commitments.  For people that are pretty indecisive (like me) this can be quite a big deal.

As I mentioned before, I’m a Wedding Specialist at a Boston Hotel and used to being on the other side of things.  I am constantly putting contracts together for Brides and Grooms and because of this, I feel extra prepared and a little less hesitant about signing my own.

There are a few things that you should really look out for in your contract.  Every venue is different so this may vary but here are some tips.


via Real Simple {source}

1.) Make sure you know what you are signing for.  Speak with the Wedding Specialist to see what you are responsible for,  IE: food & beverage minimum, package minimum, deposit, etc.

2.) If you are going with a venue that has packages, ask to see if you are able to put the package you want in the contract so the price does not increase.  Usually if you are having your wedding a year out, you can confirm the current years pricing.

3.) Confirm that you have the correct date, time, venue location on the contract.  You don’t want to find out down the line that you have secured the wrong date.

3.) Talk about all of the “what ifs.”  For example, say you need to cancel the wedding, change the date, etc.  There will be a cancellation policy in the contract that will usually have a  time line of costs associated with each.

4) Make sure you understand the deposit schedule.  Sometimes there will be specific times when you need to pay and other times you are able to wait until right before the wedding.

5.) Read EVERYTHING.  Wedding Venues are not out to get you or take advantage of you.  Most of the clauses in the contract are there to protect you and your venue in case something were to happen.  Also look for the outside food policy.  Most hotels will not allow outside food so please consult the contract or ask your Wedding Specialist before buying lots of food or beverage that you will not be able to use at your event.

There is so much more I could write about but I hope this gave you a little insight!

Always remember that your wedding contact is there to help you and is happy to answer all of your questions.  It is a big commitment so it’s best to ask as many questions it takes for you to feel comfortable.

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A Formal Affair in Washington D.C.

As you read today’s post, I will be riding along the countryside on a train to Washington D.C for a much deserved vacation!

Being as though I’ll be in D.C. I thought I’d feature a proper Washington Wedding.  I’ve been saving this Libbet & Scott’s Wedding for a long long time.  I’m obsessed with the fresh oranges on the mantle…oh, and don’t get me started on the desserts!





all images via Style Me Pretty {source}

All the details are brilliantly arranged and fit so perfectly together.  Thank you so much for sharing!

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Venue Feature- Hotel Particulier Montmarte

Two Words…


If you are anything like me, getting married in France would be a dream come true.

Could you imagine getting married here?

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 13

Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16

Picture 20

Picture 17

Picture 18

Picture 19

Picture 21

Picture 22

Picture 23

Picture 24

Picture 25

Picture 26

I know the marriage laws in France are strict but it would almost be worth it to be able to get married at the Hotel Particulier- Montemarte.


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Elizabeth Anne Designs: Direct Flight from Boston to Ireland

Today’s feature I talk about the much anticipated news….

The Wedding Has Been Moved to IRELAND!  See why here.

Just check out some of the stunning photos of The Cliff House- the possible venue. 


via The Cliff House Hotel  {source}


via The Cliff House Hotel  {source}


via The Cliff House Hotel  {source}


via The Cliff House Hotel  {source}


via The Cliff House Hotel  {source}


via The Cliff House Hotel  {source}


via The Cliff House Hotel  {source}


via The Cliff House Hotel  {source}


via The Cliff House Hotel  {source}


via The Cliff House Hotel  {source}

Has anything happened that changed your plans, for the better?


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Boston Promotions & Bridal Teas!

Check out the wonderful promotions for Weddings happening at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel!


This is an amazing deal and applies to everything wedding related- from bridal showers to rehearsal dinners, even to your actual wedding reception!

Also, if you are a newly engaged bride in the Boston Area and considering The Boston Park Plaza Hotel as a potential Wedding Venue, feel free to come to our Bridal Tea on April 7th!


Cynthia Gold, a one of a kind Tea Sommelier will be hosting this event and will be guiding you through the experience of a Bridal Tea at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. 

Please RSVP to Jenna Alberghini at (617) 457-2451.

I look forward to seeing you all there!


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