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Let’s Talk about Location

No, I’m not talking about for our wedding, I’m talking about after the wedding.

Here’s a snapshot of our background:


Pennsylvania -> San Francisco, CA -> Boston, MA-> ???


England -> Ireland -> Pennsylvania -> San Francisco, CA -> Boston, MA -> ???

As you can see, we’ve been around!  We both met in college in Pennsylvania and moved to San Francisco and Boston together.  It was important to us to live in new and different cities that offered cultural enriching experiences.  This not only helped us grow but also helped us gain independence.

Although we wouldn’t change our experiences, we miss our family and looking to settle down.  Seems simple enough, right? Not so fast.  How in the world are we going to decide where we are going to settle when each of us are from a different country? Perhaps we never can?

Here are the options that are the table right now.

Option #1

Pittsburgh, PA


via Flickr {source}

Only about 1 1/2 hours from my hometown, it would be very close to my family.  The cost of living is much lower than what we are used to and we are closer to most of our friends.  However, this would be farther from Ger’s family and more of a challenge for him to fly home.

Option #2

Dublin, Ireland


via Discover Ireland {source}

In Dublin, Ger would be close to his family and finally back home after 7 years.  We could travel easily through Europe which would open up a lot of great experiences.  To state the obvious, I would be that much farther from my family and would have to adapt to an entire different lifestyle.

Option #3

Boston, Massachusetts


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As you know, this is where we currently live.  Boston is a great middle ground.  It has a lot of history and soul.  We love that is it so close to a lot of great cities.  The downsides still reside with its high cost of living and lack of both of our families.

We have no idea what we are going to do.  We both want to eventually move back “home” but don’t know how to do that.

Do we live in each of our own hometowns for a few years and never feel completely settled because we are constantly moving or do we decide on one place and feel settled but have one of use miss out on having our family close.  Going into a marriage it’s definitely something we want to sort out and make sure we are on the same page.  It is definitely one challenge of being a “internationally-mixed” couple!

For those of you that are in the same situation, how are you deciding where you are going to live after you get married?

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“With every big decision along wedding lane, there is a small death. The end of possibilities.”

Back in June I read the most honest wedding post.  Eric over at beaucoup tells the story of how the search for his fiance’s wedding dress turned out to be more than a search for a wedding dress but a lesson about decisions.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 4

via beaucoup {source}

Isn’t this the truth?  You think that wedding planning will be all fun all the time but when you least expect it, indecision, regret or frustration hits you.  It doesn’t seem fun anymore, it’s all too overwhelming.

Could this feeling be just because of stationary or flower petals? I think not.  As Eric so eloquently stated, “because this wasn’t actually about the dress. It was about loss. With every big decision along wedding lane, there is a small death. The end of possibilities.”


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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Contract Signing Tips!

The time has finally come to sign the contract to secure our wedding venue!

I can understand how stressful this can be to brides.  It is not only a big financial commitment but usually one of your first wedding related commitments.  For people that are pretty indecisive (like me) this can be quite a big deal.

As I mentioned before, I’m a Wedding Specialist at a Boston Hotel and used to being on the other side of things.  I am constantly putting contracts together for Brides and Grooms and because of this, I feel extra prepared and a little less hesitant about signing my own.

There are a few things that you should really look out for in your contract.  Every venue is different so this may vary but here are some tips.


via Real Simple {source}

1.) Make sure you know what you are signing for.  Speak with the Wedding Specialist to see what you are responsible for,  IE: food & beverage minimum, package minimum, deposit, etc.

2.) If you are going with a venue that has packages, ask to see if you are able to put the package you want in the contract so the price does not increase.  Usually if you are having your wedding a year out, you can confirm the current years pricing.

3.) Confirm that you have the correct date, time, venue location on the contract.  You don’t want to find out down the line that you have secured the wrong date.

3.) Talk about all of the “what ifs.”  For example, say you need to cancel the wedding, change the date, etc.  There will be a cancellation policy in the contract that will usually have a  time line of costs associated with each.

4) Make sure you understand the deposit schedule.  Sometimes there will be specific times when you need to pay and other times you are able to wait until right before the wedding.

5.) Read EVERYTHING.  Wedding Venues are not out to get you or take advantage of you.  Most of the clauses in the contract are there to protect you and your venue in case something were to happen.  Also look for the outside food policy.  Most hotels will not allow outside food so please consult the contract or ask your Wedding Specialist before buying lots of food or beverage that you will not be able to use at your event.

There is so much more I could write about but I hope this gave you a little insight!

Always remember that your wedding contact is there to help you and is happy to answer all of your questions.  It is a big commitment so it’s best to ask as many questions it takes for you to feel comfortable.

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Destination Wedding Challenges

Everyone knows that there are pros and cons with hosting a destination wedding.  Here are mine!


via Ruby Press {source}

Top Pros

1.) Amazing Location

2.) You have an excuse to have that intimate wedding you’ve always dreamed off

3.) You have the opportunity to focus on more of the special details since you have a smaller guest list

Top Cons

1.) Added costs for your guests that may have to travel a great distance

2.) Many of the people you hold dear to you will not be able to come

3.) It will be difficult coordinating your vendors since most likely you will not be able to meet with them in person prior to booking them

Our wedding will truly be a destination wedding for most everyone.  My family is mainly from the Pittsburgh area, New York and Ohio while Ger’s family is scattered all over Europe.  Luckily his immediate family is from Ireland!

We are anticipating around 30-40 people with the majority of the guest list being from Ger’s side.


via Ruby Press {source}

My mom suggested that I host a second reception back in my hometown for those people who were not able to attend the wedding.  At first I decided against this idea.  I didn’t want feel like I was “reenacting” my wedding.  After thinking about it, I decided that I didn’t want a full reception but maybe just a casual get together at my parents house.

Then reality hit me, with all the traveling for the wedding and honeymoon, I doubt I would be able to take more time off work for my “second reception.”

My next thought was, “why don’t we have an anniversary party?”  This way, we can have plenty of time to recover from tending to all of the wedding details and have an opportunity to really celebrate our anniversary with people we care about.

So What do you think? Does anyone have any suggestions as to different ways we can include family that isn’t able to attend our wedding?


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