Do You Obsess Over Your Venue, Too?

stalk, obsess, politely observe….it’s all the same thing, right?

Our venue, The Cliff House Hotel has impressed me once again.  We’ve just heard that The Cliff House has been awarded one Michelin Star!  What an amazing accomplishment!

The executive chef, Martijn Kajuiter, is known for his sourcing of local food.  The Cliff House also has its own garden where they harvest most of their produce.

It’s about creating an experience for your guests and I definitely want to tie this into the night. I am so excited to be working with Chef Kajuiter on designing my menu.  A menu that is sustainable, local and most importantly, amazing.

I’m even more excited and more proud to get married at The Cliff House Hotel! Has anyone “politely observed” their venue and got excited when good things have happened? P.S (Yes, I do follow them on twitter…yikes!)

Congratulations to Chef Kajuiter and The Cliff House Hotel to a much deserved award!


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3 responses to “Do You Obsess Over Your Venue, Too?

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  3. Of course….I think everyone obsesses with their venue…

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