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Pretty Little Things

Bake it Pretty is more than pretty, it’s b-e-a-u-tiful!

Housemartin featured these darling little rays of sunshine back in June and I have been waiting to feature them ever since.

Each cupcake liner has its own personality.  They are so unique and fun!





via Bake it Pretty {source}


via Whatsoever things are beautiful {source}

Is anyone else like me?  Whenever I buy cupcake liners that I love, I never want to use them! I would rather admire them from afar.


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LilaFrances Sweet Hangers

Before wedding blogs, I never even considered the need for a beautiful hanger for my wedding dress.  Boy have I changed my mind.

Anna of LilaFrances does a brilliant job of customizing hangers in the most special way.  Once I saw Miss Star’s hanger on Weddingbee, I was sold!  I think it would be so sweet to have “Abby & Ger” as my wedding dress hanger.


via Wedding Bee {source}

I think this will be a purchase that I make very soon!

Be sure to check out Anna’s etsy shop, here.

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I’m Back (on track)

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am back after my week away from Peaches by Plums.  I’m refreshed and ready to share with you all of the great things I’ve been saving for you.

By now you realize how indecisive I can be.  I’m afraid to make a solid decision because most likely I will change my mind.  This happened with my wedding dress and now my save the dates.

Remember my original save the date?

Picture 1

I made this months ago and loved it (until I tried to print it.)  When I went to print it, it never came out right.  The resolution of the photo wasn’t high enough, the sizing didn’t work, the colors were off.  After weeks of trying everything possible to make this save the date work, I gave up.  It wasn’t working and I was wasting A LOT of time.

So then…

I create a new save the date! The new one has a completely different look and feel and it ended up changing my whole color scheme.

Save The Date 2

I love the colors and the rustic feel that this STD creates.  With this new concept, our color palette would be more like this:

The Bride's Cafe-1

via The Bride’s Cafe {source}

Again, the problem with this STD is that the photos have a low resolution and the size wasn’t quite right.  I’m not 100% sure I love it.

Does it stop there? Of course it doesn’t.

I had had enough.  I was just going to give up and buy one from an invitation store online and be done with it.  I had looked at many different styles and picked out a few that caught my eye.

Picture 2

(but would love it more in white- see below)

Picture 13

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 3

(again, I prefer this style in white- see below)

Picture 12

via Wedding Paper Divas {source}

I love the first one, and I think it fits most with my last color inspiration.  I could also work on using my DYI save the date and turn it into an invitation, menu card, or program of some sort.

I also loved the last one as did Ger.  It was his favorite and really pushed for us to use it but I don’t know how it will fit into the feel of the room.  Me and Ger are big fans of the Wes Anderson movies (Royal Tenenbaums, Darjeeling Limited, Rushmore, etc.) and this reminded him of those movies.

After a very very long “discussion” I gave up and realized that I didn’t care any more if things matched or what it the save the date even looked like.  I didn’t want to look at another save the date ever again. I knew our guests won’t notice or care if everything coordinates or not so I decided the park bench one was good enough for me.

….that was until another idea popped in my head.

If Ger wants the park bench save the date because it reminds him of the Wes Anderson movies, why not just have a Wes Anderson styled wedding?

I used The Life Aquatic artwork and re-worked it as our save the date.


via The Rushmore Academy {source}

Picture 16

If only I could find someone who could sketch a portrait of me and Ger, I think this would be perfect!


via The Rushmore Academy {source}

I could even use the other movies from The criterion collection as our invitation, menu card, etc.

What do you think? Which Save the Date Style do you think looks best?

Have I gone off the deep end? Yes, I have.  We officially have not settled on one design and who knows if we’ll stick with our Wes Anderson theme.

The meltdown that I had last week had a bit to do with these never ending save the date ideas and how I didn’t have the foggiest idea of what was going on.

I now have no idea of what direction our wedding is going in but quite frankly, I don’t care. I just want to relax and have fun with it and if that is not happening, then it’s no use to doing it.

Has anyone experienced the same thing when working on a project for your wedding?


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Taking A Break

I don’t want to think about Save the Dates, Guest Lists, Color Palettes or even Menu Cards.  All I really want to do on my wedding day is wear my beautiful dress around all day and eat some cake.

Photo 9

via East Side Bride {source}

Can you tell that I’m over it? Taking a much needed week off from the wedding world.  Be back in a few!


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Sunday Sweets! Cookie Monster Cupcakes


Add this cupcake to this


via Hostess with the Mostess {source}

and you got yourself one great party!

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Tablescape Friday: Uncle Beefy’s Birthday





via The Bedlam of Beefy {source}

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Candid Thursday- Pink Tights!



via Green Wedding Shoes {source} via Angela Anderson Photography {source}

I LOVE tights but I’ve never thought of wearing them with my wedding dress.  I love how funky the bride looks!

If you are looking to change up a more traditional wedding dress, why not think of some cool accessories. It is a simple change and won’t cost you a fortune!

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Beauty In Your Surroundings


via Ruby Press {source}

Sometimes you just need to stop, take a breath and look at all of the beauty around you.

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Samantha Robinson Porcelain









found via Unruly Things {source} via Samantha Robinson {source}

Samantha Robinson has stolen my heart.  I just adore these handmade creations.  Look at all of the colors and textures.  It definitely is not your grandmother’s porcelain.

These would make perfect wedding gifts or even gifts for your bridesmaids!

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“If We Turn, Turn, Turn, Turn, Turn The We Might Learn”

Lots to do this week and lots to figure out!   Change is a coming- stay tuned.


via Mary Ruffle {source}

So where’s the stars?
Up in the sky
And what’s the moon?
A big balloon
We’ll never know unless we grow
There’s so much world outside the door

“Turn” by Travis

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