Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: My Save The Dates- DIY Style

After thinking about it and talking about it and thinking about it some more, our wedding date is finally set!

It feels amazing to have our wedding venue booked and a date to look forward to.  Until recently, everything was up in the air but now, it all feels real.

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this but I’ve had my Save the Dates finished for a couple months now!

When thinking about the Save the Dates, I wanted the design to reflect our venue and vision. They had to be colorful, unique and a bit modern.

I played around with Poladroid Image Maker before and had so much fun!  If you remember, Mo also tried her had at Poladroid to transform her Engagement Photos!

Poladroid is so easy to use and thought that it would be really unique to incorporate it into our Save the Dates!

Without further ado, here it is!

Cliff House STD

The photo in the picture is one of the dining rooms at The Cliff House.  Isn’t it just so fun!?

Currently, I’m trying to find a good way to present these to our guests.  I don’t think printing them out and stuffing them in an envelope would quite work.  Then, I thought why not transform them into postcards!

I’m excited to be home in Pennsylvania visiting my family this week so me and mom are going to be working on this little project together.

Do you have any suggestions on how to present these to guests?



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6 responses to “Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: My Save The Dates- DIY Style

  1. MJF

    Presenting some in person might be fun!

  2. Chelsea

    A regular envelope no, but one of those cool, kinda transparent envelopes would be quite cute if you could find the right size.


  3. @MJF: That would be a lovely idea!

    @Chelsea: Oh yes!! I’ve seen those and they would go great with these save the dates! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Super cute! I was also thinking of doing postcard save the dates – I’m looking into MOO. They do small quantities and you can actually use a different image on each card if you want. They have other neat print sizes as well. I have my eye on the mini cards… I’ll be posting about them soon!

  5. @Norah: Thank you! Thanks for the tip. I’m going to look into MOO. I love the idea of mini cards!

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