Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Big Bold Colors

If you remember, last week over at Elizabeth Anne Designs, I felt a bit overwhelmed with all of the decisions to be made and the direction I wanted my wedding to take.   My head felt so cluttered.

I am now back on track!  If you recall from my post on, The Cliff House, my wedding venue is very unique.  It has a lot of character and is filled with big bold colors.

Here is a reminder:


via {source}


via {source}


via {source}

Recently I am drawn to real weddings that are relatively simple and host a strong color pattern.

For example, the next couple of weddings have been on my desktop for a while so I can pull inspiration whenever I need to.

If you remember, on Friday, I did a feature on Lindsay & Nick’s Wedding.  {I know, I’m obsessed.}


via {source}


via {source}

I just adore everything about this wedding!  It is streamlined, simple yet has a big impact.

The next wedding is very playful and fun.  I just love the candied lemons!


via {source}


via {source}

I feel a bit better about putting the pieces of my wedding together, now that I have a vision for it!  Next week be sure to check out, my inspiration board over at Elizabeth Anne Designs!


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