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Do You Need Rings To Make It Legal?

I’m back! We are settling beautifully into our new home.  I am loving suburban life.  I feel much more at home and settled.

Now that moving and unpacking is behind us, it’s now time to think about our first wedding celebration.  It is only (3) weeks away!

First up is the wedding rings.  Originally I was against the exchanging of rings portion of the ceremony because I didn’t want to take away from the official wedding.  Boy did Etsy change my mind! They have the best alternative rings.  What a great way to have a memento of the big day.

Here are my favorites!

This first one was incredibly sweet.  I had been eying this for quite a while.  I love the unique look of this band.  It is simple yet very sweet.

via White Fly on Etsy

I typically am not a “birdie” fan but find this ring really cool.  I don’t know if this one says wedding in any way, but it’s still great.

via Ottobone on Etsy

This ring may be my favorite.  It is incredibly thin yet has that rustic look that I love.  It’s so delicate that I think I could get away with wearing it next to my engagement ring and real wedding band.

via Ottobone on Etsy

The next two rings are very similar to the above ring yet just a little larger.  It makes more a statement but I would probably have to wear it on the other hand.

via Shi Jewelry on Etsy

via Punk Bunny Designs on Etsy

Lastly is this beautiful ring necklace.  Maybe I should forgo the whole traditional band since it’s not a traditional wedding and wear the ring as a necklace.

via My Cellar Door on Etsy

I had no idea I would be spending so much time thinking about this!

For those having a civil ceremony previous to the traditional wedding, are you exchanging rings? If you are, are you worried that it will take away from the “real” ceremony?

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If I Had a Ring Bearer, I’d Get One of These.









found via Little White Book {source} via Blue Hair Knits on Etsy {source}

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Monday Feature on Elizabeth Anne Designs!

Want to hear all about our engagement?

Check out my weekly column on Elizabeth Anne Design…here!





What made your proposal perfect for you?


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Look At It Sparkle.

Ahh, the infamous ring shot.  How could I resist?

With our new Nikon D60 DSL Camera, I decided to practice taking photos of my latest companion- Miss Tiffany Novo.

Dreamy Eyes

Bride & Groom

I love how it sparkles!

Champagne Bubbles


Bubbles Overflowing

What unique items did you use for your ring shots?


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