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Cheery Thursday!

Here is a little nudge to get you through the week!


via Bellissima Via Blog  {source}

Happy Thursday!



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DIY Hair? Okay!

I haven’t broke the news yet but there is a big possibility that our wedding will be in Ireland!  (More to come later on the details.)

Planning a “destination wedding” can prove difficult.  You rarely get face to face time with your vendors and need to trust blogs, forums and websites to lead you in the right decision when choosing the one.

Briana, a fellow blogger on Elizabeth Anne Designs, recently did a post on DIYing her Hair and Makeup.  She, too, is planning a wedding in another location and wasn’t able to find the right makeup artist & hair stylist for her wedding.  Deciding not to settle, she took to the DIY idea and gave it a try herself!

I think she did an excellent job!

via Elizabeth Anne Designs  {source}

via Elizabeth Anne Designs {source}

I love her hair style! This is exactly what I want. It is so natural but still flirty and fun.

via Elizabeth Anne Designs  {source}

via Elizabeth Anne Designs {source}

And how about her make-up!  I love how fresh and feminine it looks.

For an easy step by step tutorial on how to create this look, click here.

Would you dare take on such a challenge for your wedding day?


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Feature: Person & Killian Photography

I recently met Jill Person and Lauren Killian, cutting edge photographers of Person & Killian Photography, at an industry event.  I was really looking forward to meeting both of them.  I love their diversity and creativity that comes through their photos.

For those of you in the Boston area, you must visit their studio.  It is located on the posh Newbury Street! What a treat for clients!

Jill and Lauren describe their style as a “combination of photojournalism, artistry and emotion coupled with an innate sense of spontaneity to capture the moment.”

via Person & Killian

via Person & Killian {source}

Check out just a couple of my favorite shots

via Person & Killian  {source}

via Person & Killian {source}

via Person & Killian  {source}

via Person & Killian {source}

via Person & Killian  {source}

via Person & Killian {source}

via Person & Killian  {source}

via Person & Killian {source}

For more, be sure to check out their website and blog.  Peaches by Plums was recently featured on the site!

via Person & Killian  {source}

via Person & Killian {source}

Thank you Jill & Lauren for allowing me to share your talent!!

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Elizabeth Anne Designs- Meet Bradley!

Today is the day that you get to meet the latest member of our family…Bradley!

He just arrived yesterday and is already part of the family.  Be sure to go over to Elizabeth Anne Designs to hear more about this little guy and how he relates to the wonderful world of wedding planning!





He is just the most lovable little pup! 

Happy Monday!


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The Final Reveal

Jo & Dave’s Gallery Opening last night was amazing!  Their main focus was on “anticipation”, moments just before getting married.  It was a great look at all of the candid shots you can have before the actually ceremony.

As promised, here are the flower arrangements I did-pre-opening.













What do you think!?


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Allegro Photography Gallery Opening- Invitation!

Today is the day! Allegro Photography is hosting their Studio Opening tonight!

Here is the invitation


If you are a Boston Bride, I highly suggest you stop by to see their work.

I will be posting the photos of the flower arrangements later on tonight!

Hope to see you there!

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Sneak Peek-Peaches by Plums turns Floral Designer

My career as a floral designer has begun!

Here was my schedule today:

6:30AM- Wake up & Get Ready

7:45AM- Pick up the Zip Car

8:00AM- Head over to the Boston Flower Exchange

8:10AM- Walk into Heaven!

There were so many different flower wholesalers to choose from.  I had just the best time looking at all of the different varieties of flowers.  I think I could’ve spent the entire day in there.

I decided on a cream and plum color palate for my arrangements.

9:10AM- Head over to Jacobson’s Floral Supply

Jacobson’s has all of the floral materials that you would ever need (Vases, Ribbon, Floral Tape, Etc.)

9:50AM- Head back home

10:00AM- Start processing the flowers

I bought refrigerator buckets to store the flowers in and also bought plant food to keep the flowers fresh for tomorrow.  I made sure to trim the flowers to make sure they can absorb water then I placed them in water and stored them in the refrigerator.

10:45AM- Treat myself to Panera Bread!

Here are some photos of the beautiful flowers I bought today!







Look At My Darling Little Children Pose

Look At My Darling Little Children Pose For The Camera

Aren’t they just wonderful!?  I think I got a little overly excited and bought way to many flowers! Oh well 🙂

Next up: Tomorrow I will be showing you the finished product!


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