Elizabeth Anne Designs- Meet Bradley!

Today is the day that you get to meet the latest member of our family…Bradley!

He just arrived yesterday and is already part of the family.  Be sure to go over to Elizabeth Anne Designs to hear more about this little guy and how he relates to the wonderful world of wedding planning!





He is just the most lovable little pup! 

Happy Monday!



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9 responses to “Elizabeth Anne Designs- Meet Bradley!

  1. he’s sooo cute!! I want him.

  2. Thanks Everyone!! He is quite a handful but full of love.

  3. Stephanie Lin

    #1: YAY!! Our pug(gles) can play!!
    #2: Bradley = the most beautiful puggle I’ve ever laid eyes on. Most puggles aren’t black!
    #3: Congratulations on your newest addition!!!!!!!

  4. @Stephanie:
    #1: Yes!! Let me know when and where and we’ll be there.
    #2: I know! He really knows how to charm us.
    #3: Thank you!
    #4: Let me know if you have any tips of taking care of a puppy!

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  6. MJF

    OMG!!! How adorable…I can see why you couldn’t resist him.

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