Cheery Thursday!

Here is a little nudge to get you through the week!


via Bellissima Via Blog  {source}

Happy Thursday!



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4 responses to “Cheery Thursday!

  1. I LOVE this colour scheme and wish I saw more weddings look this classy. Who was the designer? I would love to feature this on my blog.

    All the best and thanks for posting and tweeting about this,

    Cliff Spicer
    Cliff Spicer is a wedding photographer based in Toronto

  2. @Cliff Spicer: Isn’t the color scheme just amazing!?
    I found this on Bellissima Vita Blog. It was on the cover of the Martha Stewart Weddings 2008 Collectors Edition Magazine.

    I hope this helps!

  3. thanks for the links and keep up the great posts on your site. I am using the RSS feed for your blog and look forward to reading your new content.

    All the best,


    Cliff Spicer Photography are Wedding Photographers in The Greater Toronto Area as well as a group of PR Photographers in Toronto

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