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Our Wedding: The Reception Decor

images from personal collection

To see more of our photos from our reception click here!

This week is all about our reception decor!

The best part about getting married around the holidays is the instantaneous decor. Everything is just so beautiful with the beautiful twinkly lights, fresh pine and glowing bulbs.

Since we were busy moving and preparing all the details for our wedding in Ireland, my mom really took charge in putting everything together for us.  She did such a wonderful job!

I was against favors of any kind so instead, we printed off our engagement photos for guests to take.  This went over really well and everyone loved the idea.

The place cards were just so cool.  They were made out of different types of scrapbooking paper [completely inexpensive yet a big impact!]  We were able to coordinate designs with menu options so the servers would know which entree to serve.

I loved the collection of our old family photos. This was a great conversation piece and meant a lot to us.  We included both of our families. It’s sweet to think that one day we’ll be part of that collection.

Our centerpieces consisted of gold chargers, pillar candles and gold and cream Christmas bulbs and fresh pine.  They were so easy to put together.  I am a huge advocate of candles at weddings.  The best part however was the fresh pine that my dad hand cut the morning of our wedding.

Lastly, my beloved cake! I’m a cake girl, that’s for sure.  More importantly, I’m a “Hermitage Bakery” girl.  Hermitage Bakery is a local bakery with the absolute best cake.  I was a little sad at first when I thought I wouldn’t be able to have Hermitage Bakery cake at my wedding but when we decided to have a reception in Pennsylvania, they were first on our list to call. We used the cake topper that both my mom and grandmother used at their wedding.

When you step back and look at everything, you see that it’s just “stuff.”  But when you really look at it, you see the family connections (my dad picking the pine, my grandmother offering her cake topper, my mom making the place cards…) Those are the moments that “stuff” turns into special somethings.  It gives it meaning.

Next week, more about cake and our family!

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The. (coolest framed objects)






found via Oh Joy! {source} via the. {source}

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The Letters Make the Difference

I love the idea of using letters as wedding decor and as props!

During my visit to Pennsylvania, I learned that craft stores can be dangerous.  There are way too many cool ideas that I’ve seen that I would love to recreate for my wedding.

I love the idea of using letters to create sayings, personalize a wedding and even be used as props for awesome photos!

Remember Briana’s Dessert Table with “Oh Happy Day” in block letters? I LOVED this!! I think it really makes this table stand out in a simple yet elegant way.


via Elizabeth Anne Designs {source}


via Weddingbee {source}


via Ashley O’Dell Photography {source}

Here is my mom and brother modeling amazingly large letters! If I can fit them in our suitcase, I am definitely buying these!  I think if we painted these in bright colors  it would go brilliantly against the Irish Countryside.


Along the same lines of Briana, I am also going to have phrases in smaller letters around the room.


These letters will be on dowel rods and in varying heights to create dimension.

When planning a wedding, sometimes you need to delegate! Through grade school, my dad has been great at helping me with projects like these.  That’s why I knew this would be right up his alley!

Thanks, Dad!


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Dressing up you tables with socks?

No, I’m not talking about your place settings or color of linen.  I’m talking about dressing up your table legs!

I spotted these personality socks over at Apartment Therapy and couldn’t help but think that this could be something really cool for a wedding.  Why hasn’t anyone thought of these before? Imagine a beautiful rustic table with simple white linen dressed in a funky colored socks.  I love it!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

via Apartment Therapy via Chris & Ruby {source}

Chris & Ruby is the company that created this unique idea.  They are a Berlin based Product and Interior Design company that was founded in 2008.  Their inspiration is driven by a “versatile and flexible approach to design issues.” These socks can be used to glam up a simple table or even cover up any marks!

Would you consider using these for your wedding or party?


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