Tablescape Friday: Twisted Twine

Rustic and Warm all at the same time.

via a desert fete


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7 responses to “Tablescape Friday: Twisted Twine

  1. maura

    Just discovered your blog and read the whole thing! Great photos! I got engaged over the holidays and am just starting to plan a fall wedding in Boston. I loved your entry comparing venues. We’ve looked at a lot of the same ones. Currently have it narrowed down to three I think…
    Looking forward to following your blog!

  2. Peaches by Plums

    Hi Maura!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you are enjoying it!
    What venues are you currently looking at? I’d love to offer any advice if I can!


  3. maura

    I had my heart set on Veronique but it doesn’t seem to hold the same magic for my parents (who, generously, are helping pay for the wedding). My fiance and I also love the Boston Public Library but it’s on the expensive side. My parents prefer the ease of an area hotel (they really like the Boston Harbor Hotel). It’s between those three now although we are still open to new ideas because, ideally, we’d like something we’re all excited about. I hope this is the toughest part!

  4. Peaches by Plums

    Oh yes, the decision on picking your venue I must say is the hardest. It really is what sets the tone for your entire wedding and sometimes it is hard to let go of the idea of endless possibilities.

    If you ever consider The Boston Park Plaza Hotel let me know! I’m the wedding specialist there and would be happy to help any way I can.

  5. I love this table setting. Its so cozy & creative!

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  7. Like those decorations

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