Beautiful Packaging- DIY Sweater Wraps

It’s the time for last minute gift wrapping!

For those looking for a simple DIY project to help with your pretty packaging, you’ve come to the right place.  Grey Likes Weddings did a fantastic tutorial on reusing sweaters to create beautiful wraps for your bottles.

via Grey Likes Weddings


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2 responses to “Beautiful Packaging- DIY Sweater Wraps

  1. great diy project. i really like this.

  2. How beautiful! So funny; if you just mentioned wrapping a bottle of wine in a sweater sleeve, it would sound pretty odd, but the way this is done is so nice.

    I write a blog about gift wrapping and recently posted about a quick way to spruce up a bottle of wine (or any gift!): 5 Minute Upgrade: “Green” Your Gift.

    I think I’ll check out Grey Likes Weddings now. Thanks for sharing!

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