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It’s Official, I’m a Two Dress Bride…

….and I love every minute of it!

****Ger Stop Reading****

I know what you are thinking, “I thought Abby decided that she was going to wear her original dress?”  Well, that was true until I changed my mind (AGAIN.)

Remember when I went to try on dresses at Vera Wang the first time? There was one dress in particular that I absolutely loved however it was too small and way way way over my budget.  Then after my meltdown I went to try on this dress just one more time but it was already gone.

Stephanie, one of my Brides (turned great friend) that just got married (Yay!!) suggested that I check out Vows.  Vows has a wonderful on-line gallery that you can check out what they have in stock.  The best part is is that they carry all of the high end designers at a discount of 50-75% off!! What I loved most about Vows is that if you go in on Saturdays you don’t need an appointment and you can go around searching through all of the dresses without being followed by bridal consultants. I love the stress free environment!

Anyway, back on track.  I tried on a few dresses but nothing that made me say wow.  The last dress I tried on was my Vera!! I had finally found her!!

P.S. Check out that veil! It has a 60’s vibe that I totally adore. (Yes, I could not resist and bought it too!)





photo 3

photo 2


Here I am with Stephanie and Jenna!! Remember them from The Wedding Inspirations Event!?

Can you tell that I am completely obsessed with my wedding dress? It is so comfortable, so chic and so me.

Lesson learned: It’s best to get a dress that you feel fabulous in and that makes you shine.

So, what do you guys think! Did I make the right choice?



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Favor Jewelry Sale!!

Monika Reed of Favor Jewelry wanted me to let everyone know that she is currently running a sale on Etsy!

You have until August 26th to get 15% off her beautiful pieces. Hurry over and help Monika celebrate Favor Jewelry’s 2nd Anniversary!




via Favor Jewelry {source}

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Candid Thursday- It’s Hip To Be Square





via OnceWed {source} via John Rozier Photography

This week’s feature is all about unblemished style.  I love Lauren’s great accessories and Dan’s straight-edge look!

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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Not Your Typical Wedding Jewelry

Now that I’ve figured out the style of veil I want, I think what I need is one amazing necklace to finish the whole look!

I have scouted blogs, Etsy and shops for inspiration.

Here is what I have found so far that has caught my eye.


via Olivet {source}


via Weddingbee {source}


via The Bridal Wishlist {source}


via The Bridal Wishlist {source}

I love the chunky feel and the bold colors of all these necklaces.  They really make a statement.

Has anyone seen a great necklace that might look good with my wedding dress?

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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Wedding Veils

Through my last couple weeks of posting about my dress, a lot of people suggested that I may feel more “bride-like” with a really great veil.  I think that is exactly what I need.

My dress is more sleek and modern so a mantilla veil or anything traditional may be a bit too much.

For the past while, I kept thinking of those incredibly edgy veils that are really high fashion.

You know, like these ones:




via Sara Gabriel {source}

Although these beautiful veils would be a bit too much for my dress, I think it’s a good starting point.

What I’m thinking of is more of a short, spunky, bubble veil.


via Weddingbee {source}

These Romona Keveza veils are so awesome! I just love them.  They have a playfulness about them but still “bridal-like.” It is the perfect combination for what I am going for.

What I’m picturing in my head is something very similar to the ones shown above but is a bit shorter (above my shoulders), is much fuller and more 80’s (Did I just say 80’s?!?)

Does anyone have any great Bridal veil websites or blogs that I could use to find more inspiration and has anyone had any experience with getting custom veils made?

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DIY Bridesmaid Headbands via OnceWed

I one thing I love most about reading Wedding Blogs are the creative ideas that you can find!

Remember my post a couple weeks ago on Rachel’s headband? Well I must really have a thing for headbands because today I have another headband to experiment with!

OnceWed did a recent post on creating your own DIY Brides{maid} headbands.  To be honest, I would wear these anytime, not just for weddings.



Materials & tools

-2 Different trims, both measuring from ear to ear, across forehead

-1 Ribbon, circumference of head

-1.5” Piece of ¼” elastic

-Needle & thread

-Hot glue gun and glue



Steps 1 & 2-Start with ribbon, glue edge and fold it over a ¼”.

Step 3-Center elastic on ribbon and glue down a ¼” in from folded edge.


Step 4-Glue along folded edge, overtop of the elastic, and fold in again, a ¼”. Then, fold and glue elastic back over itself, as pictured.

Step 5-Repeat steps 1-4 on other end of ribbon, joining the ends together.

Step 6 & 7-Layout trims and find centers of headband and bottom trim by folding in half, then tack together at centers with hot glue.


Step 8-Finish gluing bottom trim into place slowly, only gluing inch by inch, because hot glue dries quickly and you want to avoid any lumps or bumps.

Step 9-Stitch and gather headband ribbon just behind the edge of first trim, repeat on opposite side

Steps 10-11-Glue finishing trim onto first trim, slowly gluing and placing for a nice and even finish.

all images and directions via OnceWed {source}

Don’t you love it!?

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Etsy Accessories

I love how dainty and delicate Monika Garner’s jewelry is.  Be sure to check out Favor on Etsy for more!







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