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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Not Your Typical Wedding Jewelry

Now that I’ve figured out the style of veil I want, I think what I need is one amazing necklace to finish the whole look!

I have scouted blogs, Etsy and shops for inspiration.

Here is what I have found so far that has caught my eye.


via Olivet {source}


via Weddingbee {source}


via The Bridal Wishlist {source}


via The Bridal Wishlist {source}

I love the chunky feel and the bold colors of all these necklaces.  They really make a statement.

Has anyone seen a great necklace that might look good with my wedding dress?

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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Wedding Veils

Through my last couple weeks of posting about my dress, a lot of people suggested that I may feel more “bride-like” with a really great veil.  I think that is exactly what I need.

My dress is more sleek and modern so a mantilla veil or anything traditional may be a bit too much.

For the past while, I kept thinking of those incredibly edgy veils that are really high fashion.

You know, like these ones:




via Sara Gabriel {source}

Although these beautiful veils would be a bit too much for my dress, I think it’s a good starting point.

What I’m thinking of is more of a short, spunky, bubble veil.


via Weddingbee {source}

These Romona Keveza veils are so awesome! I just love them.  They have a playfulness about them but still “bridal-like.” It is the perfect combination for what I am going for.

What I’m picturing in my head is something very similar to the ones shown above but is a bit shorter (above my shoulders), is much fuller and more 80’s (Did I just say 80’s?!?)

Does anyone have any great Bridal veil websites or blogs that I could use to find more inspiration and has anyone had any experience with getting custom veils made?

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DIY Bridesmaid Headbands via OnceWed

I one thing I love most about reading Wedding Blogs are the creative ideas that you can find!

Remember my post a couple weeks ago on Rachel’s headband? Well I must really have a thing for headbands because today I have another headband to experiment with!

OnceWed did a recent post on creating your own DIY Brides{maid} headbands.  To be honest, I would wear these anytime, not just for weddings.



Materials & tools

-2 Different trims, both measuring from ear to ear, across forehead

-1 Ribbon, circumference of head

-1.5” Piece of ¼” elastic

-Needle & thread

-Hot glue gun and glue



Steps 1 & 2-Start with ribbon, glue edge and fold it over a ¼”.

Step 3-Center elastic on ribbon and glue down a ¼” in from folded edge.


Step 4-Glue along folded edge, overtop of the elastic, and fold in again, a ¼”. Then, fold and glue elastic back over itself, as pictured.

Step 5-Repeat steps 1-4 on other end of ribbon, joining the ends together.

Step 6 & 7-Layout trims and find centers of headband and bottom trim by folding in half, then tack together at centers with hot glue.


Step 8-Finish gluing bottom trim into place slowly, only gluing inch by inch, because hot glue dries quickly and you want to avoid any lumps or bumps.

Step 9-Stitch and gather headband ribbon just behind the edge of first trim, repeat on opposite side

Steps 10-11-Glue finishing trim onto first trim, slowly gluing and placing for a nice and even finish.

all images and directions via OnceWed {source}

Don’t you love it!?

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Etsy Accessories

I love how dainty and delicate Monika Garner’s jewelry is.  Be sure to check out Favor on Etsy for more!







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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: DIY Headband!

This week I have a great DIY Headband for you to try out! Rachel from Heart of Light created this amazingly feminine headband.


I love how wispy and raw it looks.  It would go perfect with a less structured and more natural looking wedding dress.

Rachel does a brilliant job of explaining her step by step process of creating this masterpiece.  For a “how-to” just check out the photos below!



via Heart of Light {source}

The next time I have a free weekend, I’m definitely going to try this out!

What do you think, will it match my wedding dress?


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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Umbrellas

I know that when I was deciding on the accessories for my wedding dress, I had selected a beautiful paper parasol but seeing as though I will be getting married in Ireland, I think an umbrella would probably be my best alley!

I started my search for the perfect umbrella and look at all of the amazing ones that I found!


Elite Bridal Concierge {source} via Bella Umbrella {source}

Bella Umbrella is actually a company that rents and sells vintage umbrellas! It is a great option for a bride watching her budget.  To rent one of these beauties it cost from $20-$30, not too shabby!





via Bella Umbrella {source}

Here are some of the real weddings that have featured Bella Umbrella!


via Bella Umbrella {source}


via Bella Umbrella {source}


via Bella Umbrella {source}


via Bella Umbrella {source}


via Bella Umbrella {source}


via Bella Umbrella {source}


via Bella Umbrella {source}

Mmm…simply detectable!

Would you consider renting one of these fabulous umbrellas?

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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: Help Me Decide! Wedding Gown Accessories

Last week I revealed my wedding dress, now I need your input into which accessories I should add to jazz up the dress!

(Please note that these photos were photo-shopped and I haven’t tried the wrap or sash on in person yet)

Picture 8

Here is a possible ensemble.  I like how it has a kind of Asian flare with the use of a paper parasol for the photos.  What do you think, is it too much?

As mentioned in a previous post, I found this amazing Wrap here (Bonzie is great!!) and found the great feather hair piece also on Etsy, here.

Right now I’m debating on the color Wrap I want and what looks best with my skin tone.  Please help! Here are the options!

Picture 1


Picture 11

(deep teal)

Picture 10


Picture 12


Picture 2


I believe the Wrap from Bonzie only comes in teal, green and red but I wanted to get your opinion on a variety of colors.

Please vote now!

The next question is…should I wear a sash with the dress (color would match the wrap) or just keep it simple?

Picture 9

(with sash)

or again…

Picture 10

(without sash)

Please vote here:

After the poll results are in, I will be sure to share with you my favorite option!


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Etsy Feature- Bonzie!


I looove Bonzie’s Wraps!!

Here is a little bit about Bonzie…

“BONZIE is an Independent Irish Fashion Label with romantic vintage Appeal. Often using upcycled clothing, thrifted trinkets and vintage inspired fabric in an artful blend of tattered chic neovictorian,steampunk and deconstructed elements!”

Check out some of my favorites.









I think they are all just so perfect! Not only would this make a great addition to your wedding ensemble but it is easily something you could reuse in your daily wardrobe.

Last Saturday I was surfing around Etsy and found this great shop.  I was immediately in contact with Bonzie & Ger to get some color swatches.  I soon learned that they are based out of Waterford, Ireland!  How ironic is that?  My fiance’s family is from Dungarvan (in Waterford County.)  What a small world.

Feel free to check out their daily blog to get to know them better and pick out a wrap while you are at it!

Thank you Bonzie & Ger for sharing!

P.S. Stay tuned to next Monday’s post where you may see me in one of their wraps!


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DIY Wedding Veil

I was completely shocked at the prices of veils when I last visited The Vera Wang Bridal Salon.  {Of course their veils were absolutely stunning and probably worth the cost.} Why on earth would I buy a $3500 wedding gown and then fork over $680 for a veil??

The wheels started turning and I got the idea of trying my hand at making my own veil!  The research began and I found that Michaels had a great “How-To” video on creating a veil.  I am a very visual person so this seemed to be the best on-line site for me.

This sunny Sunday afternoon, I ventured out to find my materials and start my next DIY project.

The first shop I stopped at was  Sew Low Discount Fabrics in Cambridge.

via Yelp

via Yelp

There was fabric EVERYWHERE.  The women that worked there were so sweet and helpful!  I was able to buy four different types of tulle & netting, thread and needles all for $12.00.  Not too shabby.

The only thing I was missing was the comb for the veil.  I stopped in the dollar store and sally’s hair supply store and no luck.  I then stopped by my next Fabric Store: Sewfisticated Discount Fabrics.

via Sewfisticated

via Sewfisticated

{More Fabric!!}

I was able to find my combs {12 total}, plus great flower pieces {16} to embellish the veil with.  The total cost: $4.20.Score!

Without further ado: My Step by Step Guide to Making a Traditional Wedding Veil & Birdcage Veil.

1.) Gather all of the Supplies



2 Yards of Tulle {This made a veil that end in the middle of my back }

Spool of Thread {Make sure it blends in with the tulle (white or ivory)}


Hair Comb

Any beading or pieces to add to the veil

2.) Thread the Needle and Lay out the Tulle on a Flat Surface

Needle & Thread


The piece of Tulle will be layered (2+)  Mine was four layers to make it more full

3.) Do a Running Stitch (1 inch apart)

Needle & Thread

Needle & Thread

Make sure to leave a 1 inch gap from where you are running your stitch and where the top of the veil is.  You will need this to attach the comb.

4.) Pull the Thread Tightly so it Bunches



{Most sure to use heavy duty thread so it does not break when being pulled.}



You will see it begin to form.





Tie it up

5.) Trim some of the Excess Tulle off of the Veil



6.) Attach the Hair Comb to the Tulle



You will want to arrange the bunching so it is spread evenly.



7.) Try it on!

Final Product

Final Product

At this stage you can of course add little touches to the veil so it matches the details in your dress.  I decided to keep it nice and simple.  I also took a steamer to the veil to smooth out the wrinkles in the tulle.  It worked like a charm.

Side View

Side View

I will most likely shorten the veil to right above my shoulders for a more vintage look.

Next up, my hand at making a Birdcage Veil!



I used the same method of the traditional veil but did the running stitch method on 3 of the 4 sides.  Also, I added a flower piece to the comb for a more dramatic look.

Side View

Side View

{Kind of Blurry- Oops!}

Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils

So whether you are a traditional bride or if you are looking for something different, creating your own Wedding Veil is so easy and fun! The total cost of each veil was around $5.00.

What do you think? Would you consider making your own veil?


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