Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: My Wedding Dress!

I just remembered, I haven’t even shared my wedding dress with you!

Here is the story of how I found my wedding dress…

As most of you have realized, I am not the traditional bride.  It took a trip to Priscilla of Boston to realize this.

I decided to wait and try on my first Wedding Dress when my Mom was able to join me (my dad was able to come along as well!)  This would mean waiting 3 months until her trip to Boston in March.

On a day off of work, I made an appointment at Priscilla of Boston.  I didn’t have a clue of what I wanted or what would look good on me so I tried a few different dresses.





They all were very nice but I didn’t feel like “me” in them. They were definitely too formal for an intimate wedding.


The following weekend, I made an appointment at Vera Wang on Newbury Street.

Just from the style of the dresses on display, I could tell from the start that this was more my speed.  The modern lines with a flirty twist suit me perfectly.

Apparently I went during a trunk show.  Being a naive bride, I didn’t realize that this would mean only a (1/2) hour appointment and was only allowed to try on (4) dresses.

The bridal consultant was trying to cram me into these dresses and convince me that they fit perfectly.  They clearly didn’t zip and I clearly couldn’t breathe in them.  For a $3500 price tag, i wasn’t going to spend more of my budget on  getting my ribs removed just so I could fit into the dress.  I’m not good with being under pressure, especially when purchasing a wedding dress so I left.

(Sorry for the lack of photos- I was rushed along too fast to be able to snap a shot)


From that moment on, I made a decision…The Bridal Retailers of the world were not going to defeat me!

Then it hit me, why can’t I just buy a white or ivory gown? Does it have to be a “wedding dress.”

I walked across the street and stopped in Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th but no luck.  I spotted BCBG out of the corner of my eye.  Now, I’ll admit that I’ve never been in BCBG but something was telling me to go in.

I walked straight to the gown section of the store and came across the most beautiful ivory tiered dress.  It was simple, it was modern and it was perfect!

I went in the dressing room to try it on.  Luckily it fit great because it was the last one!  This dress was perfect for the type of wedding we were planning.

Picture 3

(sorry for the blurry shot)

You may think that because I got my dress at a non-wedding related store that I didn’t get that “bridal” experience but that was not the case at all.  As the girls at the store came in to check on me they asked the occasion and I told them that it was my wedding dress.  They got so excited and made a fuss over me.  It was exactly how I wanted to feel- special but not pressured.

To add to my excitement, I was able to buy my wedding dress for $175!! That sure is a bit better than $3500 plus missing ribs!

Growing up, i always thought I would be the traditional bride with the dropped waist, veil and train but I’m beginning to learn that I’m not that bride.  I’m unconventional, I’m different and I have a different perspective and that is okay.

Next week I will ask your opinion on what accessories to add to my dress!

Did you ever learn something new about yourself when you started to plan your wedding?


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11 responses to “Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: My Wedding Dress!

  1. Love the dress! Plus, a the price is utterly ridiculous. I fell in love with a Monique Lhuillier dress (price tag: $7500). Um. Really? So happy you found something gorgeous and affordable.

  2. Thanks, Alysia!

    That’s exactly what I was afraid of. If I fell in love with one of expensive gowns, I know it would’ve been incredibly difficult to give it up.

  3. That dress is gorgeous!! You look so beautiful. I say you got a freaking good deal there.

  4. You look amazing. I love this dress on you!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous…… The dress you selected is the perfect one!

    You look amazing!

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  7. Ashley

    My freshmen year college roommate…looking GORGEOUS! 🙂 I’ve always loved your uniqueness and creativity. I haven’t gone wedding dress shopping yet, but have certainly embraced several DIY for much cheaper wedding ideas!! Keep up the beautiful work…lots of love from Pittsburgh!!

  8. @Lisa: Thank you!! I’ll have to send you more photos soon!

    @Ashley: Thank you so much for reading my blog! I’m glad you like my dress! As you can see, I’m having a hard time deciding. Best of luck on the DIY projects! They will keep you busy, I’m sure!

  9. Great site…keep up the good work.

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