It’s Official, I’m a Two Dress Bride…

….and I love every minute of it!

****Ger Stop Reading****

I know what you are thinking, “I thought Abby decided that she was going to wear her original dress?”  Well, that was true until I changed my mind (AGAIN.)

Remember when I went to try on dresses at Vera Wang the first time? There was one dress in particular that I absolutely loved however it was too small and way way way over my budget.  Then after my meltdown I went to try on this dress just one more time but it was already gone.

Stephanie, one of my Brides (turned great friend) that just got married (Yay!!) suggested that I check out Vows.  Vows has a wonderful on-line gallery that you can check out what they have in stock.  The best part is is that they carry all of the high end designers at a discount of 50-75% off!! What I loved most about Vows is that if you go in on Saturdays you don’t need an appointment and you can go around searching through all of the dresses without being followed by bridal consultants. I love the stress free environment!

Anyway, back on track.  I tried on a few dresses but nothing that made me say wow.  The last dress I tried on was my Vera!! I had finally found her!!

P.S. Check out that veil! It has a 60’s vibe that I totally adore. (Yes, I could not resist and bought it too!)





photo 3

photo 2


Here I am with Stephanie and Jenna!! Remember them from The Wedding Inspirations Event!?

Can you tell that I am completely obsessed with my wedding dress? It is so comfortable, so chic and so me.

Lesson learned: It’s best to get a dress that you feel fabulous in and that makes you shine.

So, what do you guys think! Did I make the right choice?


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8 responses to “It’s Official, I’m a Two Dress Bride…

  1. LOVE it!!! You look amazing & So happy… well done !

  2. Anna

    You look stunning in that dress. But more importantly, you look really, really happy! I think you made the right choice. Good work!

  3. Chelsea

    The second picture says it all. The most important part of a dress is that you feel like a bride and that it is comfortable. Sometimes I want to put my on again just because it feels like the best version of myself. So yes, perfect choose, and the other isn’t so wedding-y that you couldn’t find another function to wear it to. Or, cut if off and use it for something less formal.

  4. Norah

    I l-l-l-love the veil!

  5. Thank you so much for the sweet comments!! I can 100% say that I am so excited and proud to wear my wedding dress.

    Again, I appreciate all of the support through my wedding dress decision!!

    Abby xox

  6. Nicole

    Abby, I LOVE it!!! I am just catching up on all your posts and I am so excited for you! great choice

  7. @Nicole: Thanks, Nicole!! I feel much better about everything now.

  8. Dora

    You look so beautiful and happy! The dress is sooooo amazing ….good luck with all your plans!

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