New Blog! Update Your Subscriptions

Please update your feed and subscriptions to

After many long discussions, I have decided to move over to my tumblr blog full time.  It was a very difficult decision but ultimately the direction that I would like to take this blog choose tumblr.

new blog tumblr

I will still have my wordpress blog up for all archive blog posts.  Feel free to roam around, I’ll still be here checking! You know me, I may be back one day.


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3 responses to “New Blog! Update Your Subscriptions

  1. Your new blog on Tumblr looks really good!
    I am a wedding photographer in Boston, check out my wordpress blog if you get a chance… and my website:
    Now I’m thinking of checking out Tumblr!

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  3. Hi, the text “” isn’t linked 😦 Just wanted to let you know…

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