“With every big decision along wedding lane, there is a small death. The end of possibilities.”

Back in June I read the most honest wedding post.  Eric over at beaucoup tells the story of how the search for his fiance’s wedding dress turned out to be more than a search for a wedding dress but a lesson about decisions.

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Isn’t this the truth?  You think that wedding planning will be all fun all the time but when you least expect it, indecision, regret or frustration hits you.  It doesn’t seem fun anymore, it’s all too overwhelming.

Could this feeling be just because of stationary or flower petals? I think not.  As Eric so eloquently stated, “because this wasn’t actually about the dress. It was about loss. With every big decision along wedding lane, there is a small death. The end of possibilities.”



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5 responses to ““With every big decision along wedding lane, there is a small death. The end of possibilities.”

  1. This is so incredibly true!! Thanks for posting.

  2. Kaitlin

    That is so true! Every once in a while, I’m sad that I’m already married, just because I’ll never get to plan my wedding again. Then I look at my husband and forget what I was thinking about!

  3. sarah

    wow. i have to say that this entry made me a bit teary-eyed! i have had the same exact feeling(s) ever since i purchased my own wedding dress. i ordered it in june and i’m still waiting for it to come in. the wait seems unbearable and sometimes i freak out that i made the wrong decision and that when it gets here i’m going to hate it. and then i go back and reassure myself with the same things… a couple weeks ago i too concluded that i didn’t think there was “the dress” for me, but maybe it was just finding a dress where there wasn’t anything about it that i wanted to change. and i think that the finality of it as well, is scary. but then again, why do we stress over these seemingly benign details? i think it’s more of a cover of our real fears – the fact that in planning a wedding, by marrying someone, that too is the end of possibilities. maybe you don’t think it or say it out loud, but you’ll never know who else may be out there, or what other life you could have had, because you’re choosing this person, for better or for worse. that’s what it really comes down to.

  4. I sent this post to my fiance he might need this because I need to pick a dress SOON and I feel the panic attacks creeping up already

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