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A New Kind of Wedding Planning via Twitter

Social Networking is unbelievable in terms of connecting people.  These days people follow their wedding vendors via Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.  It’s a way to become personally connected and can make the planning process that much more fun and creative!

Kate & Will really used the network of connections to plan their wedding.  Who would’ve thought that you could plan your entire wedding via Twitter.







via Green Wedding Shoes {source} via Kate Harrison Photography {source}

I love the idea of you and your wedding party moving from street to street to sample cuisines from local food carts.  What a creative and interesting idea! How did I not find these little treasures when I lived in San Francisco!?

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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature- Destination Wedding Photographer FOUND!

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for offering their beautiful portfolios and photography services to me the last week!

I cannot thank you enough for all of the kind emails and inquires.  It was a very difficult decision and I wish I could’ve picked each and everyone of you to share in my Wedding Day.

We decided to go with someone from the Boston area and have them travel over with us.  This will make the planning process that much easier and more fun!

Immediately, we fell in love with Lisa Rigby and her style of photos! Lisa is incredibly sweet and full of a great creative energy.  I knew right from the beginning that she was our photographer.


image via Channing Johnson {source}

I am so excited to showcase some of my favorite photos that Lisa took from Nisa & Will’s Wedding at the Beehive in Boston.

070309 (2 of 46) 070309 (6 of 46)

070309 (3 of 46) 070309 (4 of 46)

070309 (7 of 46)

070309 (5 of 46)

070309 (8 of 46)

070309 (9 of 46)

070309 (10 of 46)

070309 (11 of 46) 070309 (12 of 46)

070309 (13 of 46) 070309 (14 of 46)

070309 (15 of 46)

070309 (17 of 46)

070309 (20 of 46)

070309 (21 of 46)

070309 (22 of 46)

070309 (23 of 46)

070309 (25 of 46) 070309 (26 of 46)

070309 (18 of 46) 070309 (27 of 46)

070309 (28 of 46) 070309 (29 of 46)

070309 (33 of 46) 070309 (46 of 46)

070309 (38 of 46)

070309 (30 of 46)

070309 (35 of 46)

070309 (44 of 46)

All Images via Lisa Rigby Photography {source}

Lisa, thank you for sharing your photos with us!

Again, I want to send my appreciation to those of you who sent me your beautiful photos.  It was such a great experience getting to see all of the talent in the photography world!


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Happy 6th Month Birthday, Bradley!

Wow, time sure does fly by! Remember when I first introduced Bradley?

At the time, he was only 10 weeks old and about 5lbs heavy.  He was so unsure of himself and we were all adapting to the change.

Today, Bradley has reached his 6 month birthday and boy has this little one wedged himself into our hearts.

Here is a picture of our little man with his half birthday treat!


And here are some of Bradley playing with his birthday presents!




Can you tell I’m a proud mom?

Happy 6th Month Birthday, Bradley!


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Sunday Sweets! Snickerdoodle Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches

Snickerdoodles remind me of home. How fitting since I’m home in Pennsylvania this week visiting my family!

What a fun twist Helen puts on the cinnamon sugar cookie!

Who would have thought that Lemon Ice Cream and Snickerdoodles would go together? Look how beautiful they look! The presentation is just so perfect.



via Tartelette {source}

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Tablescape Friday- The Blushing Bride

Remember my post on the new kind of beach wedding?

Well this is what I’m talking about! This feminine conception of love is just gorgeous.

It has a kind of Manhattan-Malibu sort of feel.  Don’t you think?

I love the tablescape soft color palette and the use of candles at varying heights.



via Style Me Pretty {source}

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Candid Thursday- Modern Twist on Traditional

I love when I see a mixture of looks in one wedding.  Who says you can’t have it all?

Nancy and Edward do a superb job of creating a modern look with a little bit of traditional added in.  Just take a look at Nancy’s dress! My goodness!










via Weddingbee Pro {source} via Amelia Lyon Photography {source}


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A New Kind of “Wrapping Paper”

Do you wish wrapping paper could be so much more? Do you love the perfectly presented gift?  Are you looking for something that is a little more sustainable?

You are in luck! Chewing the Cud has created these beautiful fabric wraps for the persnickety gift giver.

I first found these wraps on Style Me Pretty and was really intrigued.  “Each one is hand-printed on 100% organic cotton fabric with soy-based inks and features a gesture of giving…love, luck, wisdom.”






via Chewing the Cud on Etsy {source}

I’d love to know if anyone has purchased one of these wraps yet and if you did, what you thought of them!

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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: My Save The Dates- DIY Style

After thinking about it and talking about it and thinking about it some more, our wedding date is finally set!

It feels amazing to have our wedding venue booked and a date to look forward to.  Until recently, everything was up in the air but now, it all feels real.

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this but I’ve had my Save the Dates finished for a couple months now!

When thinking about the Save the Dates, I wanted the design to reflect our venue and vision. They had to be colorful, unique and a bit modern.

I played around with Poladroid Image Maker before and had so much fun!  If you remember, Mo also tried her had at Poladroid to transform her Engagement Photos!

Poladroid is so easy to use and thought that it would be really unique to incorporate it into our Save the Dates!

Without further ado, here it is!

Cliff House STD

The photo in the picture is one of the dining rooms at The Cliff House.  Isn’t it just so fun!?

Currently, I’m trying to find a good way to present these to our guests.  I don’t think printing them out and stuffing them in an envelope would quite work.  Then, I thought why not transform them into postcards!

I’m excited to be home in Pennsylvania visiting my family this week so me and mom are going to be working on this little project together.

Do you have any suggestions on how to present these to guests?


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Sunday Sweets! Strawberry Polk-a-dot Shake


via Sweet Paul {source}

I think this is the sweetest drink I’ve ever seen!  Wouldn’t this be a great drink to serve at a bridal shower or baby shower!?

Just take a look at how easy this strawberry sweet is, compliments of Sweet Paul.

Strawberry Shake with Marshmallows

Serves 2

1.5 cup milk

2 large scoops vanilla ice cream

1 cup pitted strawberries

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

6 marshmallows, cut in half

Place milk, ice cream, vanilla and strawberries in a blender and bland until smooth.

Press the cut part of the marshmallows onto the inside of the glasses.

Pour the shake and serve.


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Tablescape Friday- Ribbon & Flags




All Images via Green Wedding Shoes {source}

I love when people really showcase the beauty of dessert tables.  Just take a look at all of the detail and work put into Darren & Kayli’s Wedding!


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