Cool Cake Designs- Circles

With all of the excitement over at Sweet and Saucy Shop, I thought I’d share a great Cake tutorial by the lovely Melody Brandon.


Step 1.) Make sure to get your cake to be a nice smooth finish and chill it slightly.  Melody suggests using royal icing or Swiss/Italian meringue butter cream.

Step 2.) Use a circle cookie cutter to make a mark in the center of the cake and repeat until the whole row is done. Continue making rows until the tier is covered. Melody says that you can pick any size circle you want, but she thinks she did around 1″. Then pipe along the circles. Chilling for 10-15 min after this point will help with the rest of the marking, so that the butter cream circles won’t be pulled off.


Step 3.) Take the circle cutter and mark it in the center of the intersecting circles…see photo below! The circles aren’t perfect, but when you are done with the pattern you can’t tell at all!


Step 4) Pipe the next circles and pipe dots where the lines intersect.




Step 5) Top it off! Melody put a simple bouquet of white tulips on top of the cake and used a cute cake stand to elevate it!


all images via Weddingbee {source}

I LOVE the design of this cake.  It is simple, beautiful but unique.  I think that I could even pull this off!


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