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Wanted: Destination Wedding Photographer- Ireland

I wanted to reach out and see if you could help me find a Great Destination Wedding Photographer for MY Wedding!

Boy is it tricky to pick out your vendors for a destination wedding.  I started my search for photographers that were based in Ireland but haven’t found exactly what I am looking for.  I do have one that I’m strongly considering however, I want to do a little more searching just to make sure.

Here is my criteria:

1.) Must have an Artistic Approach to Shooting Weddings



via Sarah Rhoads Photography {source}

2.) Can See The Love and Passion in the Details

*Bonus Points if they can capture great tablescape and foodscape shots!! (My favorite!)


via Ruby Press {source}


via Not Without Salt {source}


via Lisa Rigby Photography {source}

3.) Is Laid Back and Let’s The Moments Come Together Themselves

Picture 2


via Once Wed {source}

4) Has The Look of Million Dollar Photos on a Penny Candy Budget

To us, photography is very important.  The photos will be what is left after the wedding is over, we get it.  However, since we are having a very intimate wedding, we don’t have a large budget for photography.

Let’s just say, the other photographer is offering around $2500 for her services (dvd of all photos & rights, no album.)   I know what you are thinking, there is no way I’m going to find a photographer  in the US who will be able to offer all of that for $2500, but who knows! Miracles can happen, right?


via Lovely Morning {source}

If you know a great photographer or are a great photographer that meets my criteria, feel free to email me at AbbyLBrennan@gmail.com


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