Unique Idea-Live Painting Artists Capture Your Wedding Day

I have heard of Live Painters at events before but have never seen such beautiful interpretations before!

Inspired Goodness recently did a feature on Flora Bowley and Anne Watkins, live artists.

Both have very different styles but each beautiful in their own way.  How romantic would it be to have an artist painting their interpretation of your Wedding Day.


via Inspired Goodness {source}


via Inspired Goodness {source}

Would you ever consider a live artist at your wedding?



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10 responses to “Unique Idea-Live Painting Artists Capture Your Wedding Day

  1. Congrats on also being a Wedding Channel Blog finalist! Isn’t this exciting? Best of luck to you today!!

  2. @GrayPhotography: Thank you! Same to you! It’s really exciting 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I’m a live event wedding painter located in Florida and wanted to introduce myself as an East Coast resource for anyone interested in live painting. I work only in oils and focus on fine art techniques to create and heirloom-quality painting. Please check me out http:www.franceslynn.com!

  4. @Frances Lynn: Thanks so much for the information! I checked out your website and you really have wonderful talent! I will spread the word!

  5. Thanks so much. I think the trend is catching on, I’m starting to get inquiries from all over.

  6. I am also a live events painter, working in oils, and based in Philadelphia. I have been painting weddings and special events for ten years or so and love to paint people, capturing special moments.
    I can paint lots of smaller paintings or the event on one large canvas. The smaller paintings are perfect as gifts for special friends and family … for their own special occasions.
    my web galleries are: http://WWW.JOANZYLKIN.COM

  7. tiffany

    Do you happen to know anyone in the south (Arkansas if possible) that does affordable event paintings?

  8. I, too, am a live event painter (from Massachusetts). My work can be seen on weddingwire.com and their whole network, my own website, and my portfolio is on http://sheilafoley.carbonmade.com

  9. What a great article! Thanks for spreading the word about live event painting! It has been such a blessing to create paintings for the bride and groom to cherish for a lifetime – nothing compares! Check out our site at http://www.wedoncanvas.com!

  10. Well, I’ll join the party too! I am a live event painter in New Jersey, but I will travel anywhere to paint an event. I have examples of work, reviews and videos on my site. Feel free to contact me with any questions~ http://www.EventPaintingsByAnthony.com

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