Courtney Khail Stationary

I became a big fan of Courtney Khail Stationary ever since I found them on All Things Lovely.

Can you believe that all of these cards are hand-painted?

Courtney explains that these cards are, “Created specifically for you, each 100% cotton card combines hand drawn illustrations, printmaking, and watercolor to produce an individual hand painted work of art where no two are exactly the same. We strive to create stationery that is truly representational of you, and could be framed and shared in a persons’ home. That way, you do more than just send a letter- you give the gift of art as well.”

Picture 5





Picture 7

via All Things Lovely via Courtney Khail Stationary

I love these custom cards.  I would even buy them and frame them as art on the wall!



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2 responses to “Courtney Khail Stationary

  1. Thanks so much for the compliments! I’m so happy you enjoy my work. Hope you’re doing well!

  2. @Courtney K: My pleasure! I love your work. It’s just so beautiful!

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