Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: DIY Headband!

This week I have a great DIY Headband for you to try out! Rachel from Heart of Light created this amazingly feminine headband.


I love how wispy and raw it looks.  It would go perfect with a less structured and more natural looking wedding dress.

Rachel does a brilliant job of explaining her step by step process of creating this masterpiece.  For a “how-to” just check out the photos below!



via Heart of Light {source}

The next time I have a free weekend, I’m definitely going to try this out!

What do you think, will it match my wedding dress?



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2 responses to “Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature: DIY Headband!

  1. MJF

    I looked at the headband and your beautiful dress and it looks like your dress’ folds/pleats are very definite and finished, not a raw edge. So, I’m not picturing the two together. Maybe I’m trying to match too much!!!

  2. @MJF: I totally agree! I don’t think that this would match well with my wedding dress. They are totally different styles. I think this would look great with a nice pair of jeans and smart top.

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