Other than Weddings, This is My Obsession…

I LOVE photos of “foodscapes.”



The way that the light contours the dish and creates shadows and emphasis…simply fantastic.

These photos make me want to be in a rustic French kitchen in the countryside where I have fresh herbs, eggs and vegetables at my finger tips and are placed beautifully in wicker baskets wrapped with twine (lined with coordinated blue and white striped dish towels of course.)





My kitchen would be all white with a wooden butcher block table in the center of the room with stools around it.  All of my spatulas would be in a beautiful pot right next to my recipe books.  The sun would be piercing through the window where when I look out I see herb and flower garden and trees lined with baby birds.   There would also be a bench where I would go read a book when my souffles were in the oven.



Do I live in a fantasy world? Yes, of course I do but I love every minute of it.  Because of blogs like Sunday Suppers, I can live vicariously until I have that life.




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