Has a New Type of Wedding Been Created?


via Ruby Press {source}

Do you feel that a new type of Wedding has been created?

Just 15-20 years ago it seemed as though every wedding looked more or less the same.  It was in a banquet “hall”, there were balloon arches and lots of ruffles.   More and more I see weddings that are more creative, in unusual venues and full of personality.

Could it be that the creation of Blogs and Forums has opened up a new view of Weddings and given Brides the strength to be individuals?


via Ruby Press {source}

Not every wedding is in a ballroom anymore but in restaurants, on farms and on mountain tops.  There is a feeling that the 2000 Bride can have any type of wedding that she wants.  Sure we feel guilty at times if we try to go too far outside of the box and against tradition but as the years go by, I think it will become much easier.

Why can’t you have the wedding that you want? You don’t need to have 125-150 guests, a 3 course dinner and a DJ (unless you want to!)

I love that Bride’s are more open to the range of possibilities and hopefully our guests appreciate that!

Do you feel as though a new type of Wedding has been created?


via Ruby Press {source}


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