Hanging Things

I love when I see a wedding incorporating height and dimension.

You can get so creative.  I can envision such a beautiful wedding in an open field under the stars.  Just check out all the different options you have to choose from!


via A Lovely Morning

Lighted Dresses  {Source}


via Design Swan

Umbrellas  {Source}


via Pretty Little Things

Paper Parasols  {Source}


via Oh joy!

Cranes  {Source}


via The Little White Book

Origami  {Source}


via $10,000 Wedding

Garland  {Source}


via Apartment Therapy

Egg Cartons  {Source}

  • This is such a cool DIY project that I found on Apartment Therapy!! Check out the tutorial to make these beautiful egg carton- flower string of lights.

via Martha Stewart

Globes {Source}


via With This Ring

Spheres  {Source}


via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Uplifting  {Source}


via Snippet & Ink

Lanterns  {Source}

Have you used anything out of the ordinary to “hang” at your wedding?

P.S.  Thanks, Jo for the inspiration!



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5 responses to “Hanging Things

  1. Jo

    If only I had been so creative, these are amazing and completely totally magical. How does one choose?

  2. You need to have at least 10 different weddings and you’d be all set!

  3. Jo

    I love that idea. I told Dave when we got married, we would have to renew our vows each year. Alas, we haven’t done it yet, but there is definitely still time for that.

  4. Elizabeth

    Nice! Lot’s of work- our cranes were made by a team of 10 to 15 people….but so beautiful

  5. @Elizabeth: Wow…15 people!?! I’m sure it was absolutely gorgeous!

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