My Desire To Break Through.

How does one become an Event Designer?

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For (7) years I have been working towards breaking through the Wedding & Event Industry.

I went to College for Event Planning, moved to San Francisco and became a Catering Manager detailing events of all kinds for a hotel along the famed Embarcadero, and then I moved to Boston becoming the Wedding Specialist at a top historic hotel.  Step by step I have edged closer to the goal.

Everyone is looking for experience.  The million dollar question is HOW.  Designers receive many emails inquiring about jobs so how do you set yourself apart?

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I am getting to know more people in the industry which will definitely be of benefit.  I try to attend industry events and “network.”  I HATE networking for the purpose of trying to get something out of someone.  I am so not that person.  I would rather it happen naturally.

For some time, I thought I wanted to be a Wedding Planner.  After really sitting down and thinking about what I like about Weddings, I realized that it wasn’t the managing aspect that I was in love with but the overall look and design of the wedding.  I love the perfectly chosen flowers, I love the charm, the unique features of weddings, individual personality in the small details…this is what inspires me.

I’m in love creating “inspiration boards” as many people are.

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My question to you is…was there ever something that you dreamed of doing but didn’t know how to get from A to B?


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2 responses to “My Desire To Break Through.

  1. nicoleandrea

    I feel the same way. I am in the midst of starting my own speciality gift/favor bag business targeted towards all aspects of weddings (OOT bags, favors, showers, etc) and I am struggling to launch it. My fiance has told me to jump feet first into it and “just do it”. I know that I overanalyze, am an excessive anal planner, and a tad bit afraid. But he is right, you just have to jump in sometimes. It sounds like you have more than enough experience and expertise plus great taste. Now it boils down to booking your first wedding. Do you have any friends that you can start out with and do it pro bono or at an extremely discounted rate. Most people I have talked to say that is how they started. Good Luck!

  2. I think your fiance has pretty valid advice!

    It can be very scary at times when you think about the “what if’s” but there comes a time when you realize how much time was wasted just by sitting back by not taking the leap.

    I wish you all the best luck with your new business. When you have it up and going, let me know! I would love to check out your products. I’m sure they are great!


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